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Q: What was the lowest score in a Dean Smith coached North Carolina basketball game?
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Who coached North Carolina for there first champion?

North Carolina's first NCAA basketball championship was in 1957 when then defeated Kansas, 54-53, in the championship game. Their coach was Frank McGuire.

What is the third lowest seed to ever win the basketball tournament?

North Carolina State

Where is the lowest point in North Carolina?

North Carolina's lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean

When was North Carolina Miss Basketball created?

North Carolina Miss Basketball was created in 1985.

When was North Carolina Mr. Basketball created?

North Carolina Mr. Basketball was created in 1985.

What was the lowest scoring basketball Duke versus North Carolina game in the 1964 1965 1966?


The name of the lowest point in North Carolina?

North Carolina's lowest point is actually the Atlantic Ocean itself

Who leads the series between duke and North Carolina in basketball?

North Carolina

What is the name of the NCAA men's basketball team that Syracuse beat in the 2003 Division I men's basketball tournament to win the championship?

Kansas Jayhawks - a team coached by Roy Williams (now head coach at North Carolina)

What is the lowest point in North Carolina?

The lowest point in North Carolina is Sea Level. (0 feet, 0 inches)

Who played in the finals of NCAA Basketball Tournament in 1974?

In the 1974 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament, the North Carolina State Wolfpack, coached by Norm Sloan, defeated Al McGuire's Marquette Warriors 76-64.

North Carolina vs uva mens basketball game 1982?

North Carolina

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