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i think it was 80 yards

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Q: What was the longest shot made in a lacrosse game?
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What is longest basketball shot ever made?

Baron Davis has the longest in game record of 92 feet but with 98 attempts Kevin Love made a 94 footer on sports science.

Who made the top speed shot in lacrosse history?

paul rabil 110

Who made the longest shot in the NBA?

Ray Allen

What was the longest shot made with a bow?

200 yards

What is the top speed shot in lacrosse history?

the fastet shot in lacrosse ever recorded is 121 mph

What gun made the longest shot?

50 cal barret

Define a penalty shot in the game of lacrosse?

in kids lacrosse there is no penalty shot the team just loses a player and the other team gets a fast break or starts with it somewhere in the offensive zone. ( usually where the penalty of foul is)

What does rip the duck mean?

Rip the Duck is lacrosse vernacular for shooting as best as you can. For putting all you have into your shot. Made popular by Mike Gabel from True Lacrosse.

Who has made the longest shot in NBA history?

Answer Indiana Pacers,92 ft. shot december,2003

Which lacrosse shot is faster?

Chazz Woodson

How do you calculate the speed of a lacrosse shot?

you take the...... i don't know i do not even play lacrosse

What sniper rifle has the longest range?

The longest sniper rifle shot ever confirmed was at a range of exactly 8,120ft. The shot was made with a Accuracy International L115A3 sniper.

Longest archery target shot ever made?

Approx. 500 metres

What is the 2 longest rifle shot ever made?

@ 2000 and 2400 M

What was the longest shot made By Larry Bird during his career?

1 centimeter

What is the speed of the lacrosse shoot?

Paul Rabil, of the Boston Cannons, has clocked his shot at 113mph. That was the fastest shot ever shot. The average lacrosse speed in the MLL is in the 90's

What goes faster a hockey shot or a lacrosse shot?

depends on the shooter. if we are talking professional players than it would most likely be a hockey shot... especially a slap shot. but that's not saying a lacrosse shot isn't hard.

Fastest lacrosse shot?

Paul rabil 111

What is the longest jump shot ever made in NBA history?

Baron Davis once made an 89 ft shot against the Bucks in Nov. 2001.

Fastest lacrosse shot ever?

Paul Rabil shot at 111mph which is the fastest in history.

What is the scoring system for lacrosse?

Every shot counts as one point no matter where its shot from

Who made the longest shot in NBA basketball history and what team did he play for?

heatfan he made it from the 3pt line. intense

What is the world record for longest basketball shot?

There really is no held record for the longest basketball shot.

What is the longest shot with a 50 caliber BMG?

the longest shot on record was 2430 meters (over 2600 yards) with a M82A1 SASR. it was made by a Canadian sniper team in Afghanistan Now it is correct.

Who made the longest shot in WNBA History?

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