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The Cowboys' last Super Bowl appearance was on January 28, 1996, when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17, in Super Bowl XXX

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Q: What was the last year the dallas cowboys played in a Super Bowl?
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What are all the teams who played for the Super Bowl?

dallas cowboys

Where will Super Bowl 50 be played at?

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Who played in the 1996 Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers played in Super Bowl XXX (Super Bowl 1996). The Cowboys defeated the Steelers 27-17.

When did the Dallas Cowboys play the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys played the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII and lost 27-10 ...

Who played in the 1993 Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. The Cowboys won.

When was the last Super Bowl the Dallas Cowboys won?

The Dallas Cowboys last won the Super Bowl in 1996

How many times Dallas Cowboys lose in the Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys have had three Super Bowl losses.

Who played in Super Bowl V?

Baltimore Colts Dallas Cowboys

What team played in the most Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys with 8.

Will Super Bowl 2011 be played in dallas?

Yes, in Cowboys Stadium.

What team played in super bowl V and VI?

Dallas Cowboys.

Who played the Dallas cowboys in the 1996 super bowl?

Pittsburgh Steelers.

Which 2 teams played in Super Bowl 30?

Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers played in Super Bowl XXX, with the Cowboys winning 27-17.

Dallas Cowboys super bowl losses?

Super Bowl V- Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Colts. ---Cowboys(13)--Colts(16) Super Bowl X-Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. ---Cowboys(17)--Steelers(21) Super Bowl XIII-Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers.---Cowboys(31)--Steelers(35)

How did the Dallas Cowboys score in the 1994 super bowl?

how did the Cowboys score in the 1994 super bowl

What team played against the steelers in the 1978 super bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys

What team have the steelers played 3 times in the super bowl?

Dallas Cowboys

Where can fans fine replica Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl championship rings at?

Where can you get a Dallas cowboys Super Bowl ring replica

How many times did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys twice in the Super Bowl. They won Super Bowl X and XIII. The Cowboys won Super Bowl XXX.

What Team did Dallas Play Twice at the super-bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys have played the Buffalo Bills twice in a super-bowl, and won both times

How many times have the Dallas Cowboys played against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys played the Pittsburgh Steelers three times in the Super Bowl. The Steelers hold a 2-1 edge.

In 1978 Super Bowl number what was played?

The Super Bowl played on January 15, 1978 between the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos was Super Bowl XII.

Who played in the Super Bowl of 1993?

The Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills - the Cowboys won 30-13.

Who will in Super Bowl 45?

Dallas Cowboys

What teams played in Super Bowl 10?

Super Bowl X Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Dallas Cowboys 17