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Highest number of Gold Medals in Summer Olympics:

2012 London - US (46)

2008 Beijing - China (51)

Highest Number of Gold Medals in Winter Olympics:

2010 Vancouver - Canada (14)

2006 Turin, Italy - Germany (11)

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Q: What was the last country to win a gold medal in lacrosse?
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Last gold medal in the olympic 2008 won by which country?

The last gold medal of the Beijing Olympics went to Samuel Wanjiru (Kenya) for the Men's Marathon

Who won the first gold medal in the last commonwealth game?

if it is which country it is Australia and they got it in swimming.

Which country won the 2004 olympic gold medal for rugby?

Rugby is not an Olympic sport. The last Olympics where rugby was a medal sport was the 1924 Games in Paris.

Is the whole medal gold or do they get a smaller one?

The last real Olympic gold medal was awarded in 1912. Today gold medals are silver plated with gold.

Who won US's last gold medal for distance track?

The last US gold medal in the 10,000 meters was won by Billy Mills at the 1964 Games in Tokyo.

When was the last time the US won the gold medal in volleyball?

they did not get a medal, they were upset by the italians in the quarterfinals

When did India last win an Olympic medal in hockey?

India won its last hockey gold medal in 1980 in Moscow Olympic.

Who won Britain's last gold medal?

usain bolt

Last Gold medal winner in the Olympic 2008?


Who won a gold medal in the last olymipics?

michaeal phelpes

When was the last solid gold medal awarded at the Olympics?


Who was the last to win gold in tennis?

Andy Murray won the gold medal for men at the 2012 London olympics. Although he is from Scotland his medal counted toward the Great Britain total-- a first gold medal in this sport!