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Q: Last Gold medal winner in the Olympic 2008?
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What do you get if your a winner in an olympic competition?

A gold medal

Who is the Olympic Men's figure skating Gold Medal winner in 2004?

There was no Winter Olympics in 2004, so there was no Gold Medal winner for Men's figure skating. In 2002, Alexei Yagudin, from Russia, was the Gold Medal winner, and in 2006, Evgeni Plushenko, also of Russia, was the Gold Medal winner.

Winner of 2008 for table tennis?

The winner of the 2008 Olympic Games Men's Singles Gold Medal was Ma Lin of China. The winner of the 2008 Olympic Games Women's Singles Gold Medal was Zhang Yining of China. The winner of the 2008 World Team Championships for men was China. The winner of the 2008 World Team Championships for women was China. The winner of the 2008 World Cup Men's Singles title was Wang Hao of China.

How much money does an olympic gold medal winner get?


Which Olympic gold medal winner threw his medal into the Ohio River?

Muhammad Ali.

Can you name me a british gold olympic medal winner?

Steve redgrave 5 times olympic gold. record

Where can you buy a replica 2008 Olympic medal?

There is a set on eBay at the moment

Gold medal winner 2000 olympic mens soccer?


Who was female olympic gold medal winner in swimming Rebecca who?


Who were the last three winners of the olympic gold medal in the men's 100 meter sprint?

The 2008 gold medal winner was Usain Bolt from Jamaica in a time of 9.69 seconds. The 2004 gold medal winner was Justin Gatlin from the USA in a time of 9.85 seconds. The 2000 gold medal winner was Maurice Greene from the USA in a time od 9.87 seconds.

What two anthem choices are there for the winner of the olympic gold medal?

The national anthem of the gold medalist's country is played, or the Olympic Hymn may be played instead if the winner's country wishes.

Who is the current Olympic champion in baseball?

The 2004 Olympic gold medal team was from Cuba. The 2008 Olympic gold medal game will be between Cuba and South Korea.

How much do Olympic gold medal winner get paid in South Africa?


Who is the youngest olympic gold medal winner?

Tara Lipinski was the youngest. thx

Who is India's lone gold medal winner at the Olympic games?

It is Abhinav Bindra

How many gram gold are there in Beijing olympic gold medal?

Six (6) grams of gold plate the 2008 Gold Medal

Did Rafael Nadal win olympic gold medal?

Nadal won gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics

Who is the Oldest gold medal winner at the Olympic Games?

Oscar Swahn won a gold medal as part of the Swedish shooting team in 1912 at the age of 64 making him the oldest gold medal winner. The oldest female gold medal winner was Queenie Newall who won the women's archery title in 1908 at the age of 53.

How many gold medals has LeBron James won?

1 gold Olympic Medal at 2008 Olympic Games

What did a winner at the ancient Olympic games get instead of a gold medal?

i think they got power

Was Michael Phelps a gymnast?

No, he is an 8 time olympic gold medal winner in swimming

Which country won heighest gold medal at olympic 2008?

China has 51 gold medals at the 2008 olympics.

Who was the first female basketball player to have played in five Olympics?

Teresa Edwards won 5 medals with the US Women's Olympic Basketball team. 1984 Gold Medal Winner, 1988 Gold Medal Winner, 1992 Bronze Medal Winner, 1996Gold Medal Winner, 2000 Gold Medal Winner

What does the 2008 olympic gold medal look like?

See Related Links for Images of the 2008 Beijing Olympic medals

What event did Peggy Fleming get a gold medal in?

Peggy Gail Flemming was the gold medal winner of the 1968 Olympic figure skating event.