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April 4, 1997

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 16:20:57
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Q: What was the ingugural game date of the first game of the Atlanta Braves home park Tuner Field?
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Where Micheal tuner play before he play for Atlanta Falcons?

San Diego Chargers.

How is a synchro constructed?

you have to have a tuner monster on the field or the tuner monster it says you need on the synchro monster card and another monster (not a tuner) that when you add the stars from the tuner and non-tuner add up and equal the same number of stars on the synchro monster. Then you send those cards to the graveyard and special summon the synchro monster from where you fusion monsters should be

What does magna drago the tuner monster in yugioh 5d's tune?

Magna Drago is a Tuner monster that is capable of Tuning to any non-Tuner monster that you may have on the field. Very few Tuners have a specific requirement on what they Tune (examples are Torapart and Debris Dragon).

Can stardust dragon stop Tuner?

Stardust Dragon can only be used against effects that will destroy a card on the field.

Can you use a tuner on the field and a card in your hand in your hand to synchro summon a card?

No, unless an effect specifically says otherwise, the Synchro Components must all be face-up on your side of the field. Eccentric Boy is a Tuner who when used as a Synchro Component, the other monster is one monster from your hand.

Who invented the electronic guitar tuner and what year?

The strobe tuner was the first tuner invented. Therefore, the electronic tuner was evolved from it. The strobe tuner was invented by Dick Peterson in 1948 and it is hard to determine who really invented the electronic tuner based on it being evolved from the strobe tuner.

How did nat tuner die?

Who Is Nat Tuner?

What is a violin tuner called?

A chromatic tuner.

When was The Tuner created?

The Tuner was created in 2004.

What do you tribute to get dark end dragon on the field?

You don't tribute anything, it is a Synchro Monster. You have to send a Tuner and one or more DARK non-Tuner monsters from your side of the field to the graveyard. As per the usual Synchro rules, their combined level totals must equal Dark End Dragon's level, which is 8.

Meaning of TV tuner?

meaning of t.v tuner

Can you tune with 'Powered Tuner' in Yu-Gi-Oh?

It is not a Tuner monster - Tuner is a monster subtype and will be displayed with the monster's type (Dragon/Warrior, etc) and supertype (Effect/Normal, etc). It is not enough just for it to have Tuner in its name, that is not the definition of a Tuner monster. You are free to use Powered Tuner as a Synchro component, but only as a non-Tuner monster.

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