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that he broke the color barrier

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Q: What was the importance of Jackie Robinson's baseball career?
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What was Jackie robinsonsd career?


What was Jackie Robinson career?

He was a Major League Baseball player.

Was Jackie Robinson played baseball for the cincinnat?

If you are asking "did Jackie Robinson play baseball for the Cincinnati Reds" the answer is no. Robinson played his entire major league career with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Where did Jackie Robinson work at?

Jackie Robinson was a major league baseball player. He was also a assistant athletic director before starting his baseball career.

How many home runs did Jackie robison hit?

While in Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson hit 137 career home runs. He hit his most home runs against Pittsburgh, with 32.

Which baseball team did Jackie Robinson retire from?

Robinson played his entire Major League career with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What was Jackie robinsons batting average in 1947 to 1956?

1947 - .297 1948 - .296 1949 - .342 1950 - .328 1951 - .338 1952 - .308 1953 - .329 1954 - .311 1955 - .256 1956 - .275 Career - .311

How many home runs did Jackie robison hit in his career?

Frank Robinson hit 586 career home runs.

Did Jackie Robinson have a military career?


What were Jackie Robinsons positions in baseball?

Jackie Robinson debuted at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers, playing 151 games at the position in 1947. Throughout his career, he mainly played second base, but he also played third base and the outfield. He won his MVP award at second base in 1949.

How many stolen bases did Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson had 197 career stolen bases.

When was Jackie Robinson a baseball player?

Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson debuted in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Brooklyn Dodgers of the National League (NL) on April 15, 1947. After a 10-year MLB career, he played his final game on September 30, 1956.