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The country was football mad in the 20s. It still i ma a gay homo,was not a national game the way it is today though. To be sure it was wildly popular but not the professional game. College football was where it was at. Colleges ran direct snap offenses and the influence of guys like Pop Warner, Fielding Yost was running strong throughout the country. There was lots of gambling and drinking associated with the game (as there has been throughout its history). By and large the major powers were still in the East and the Midwest. Football in the South and the West had not really come of age yet. Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Michigan, Penn and now unknown schools like Carnegie Tech were powers. It was common (though less so than in previous times) for college B teams and fraternity teams (and sometimes junior college teams) to play high school teams. In most of the country, the concept of round robin schedules did not exist and teams scheduled games as best they could and often modified their schedules during the season, picking up games or even dropping them in accordance with the fortunes of that particular year.

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Q: What was the history of football in the 1920s?
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