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you are dum the best football players are frorm southcailoina gamecocks

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Q: What famous football players were born in Florida?
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What famous football players were born in new york?


What famous soccer players were born eighth of April?

No famous soccer players were born on the 8th of April.

Famous football players born in California?

Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Troy Aikman, Joey Porter and Troy Polamalu.

What famous people born in Florida?

Justin Bieber was born in Florida

Are any football players born on April?

hell no

A famous person in Florida?

A famous person in Florida is rapper, Pitbull. He was born to Cuban expatriates on January 15, 1981 in Miami, Florida.

Who are two famous people born in Florida?

Johnny Depp was born in Miramar, Florida. Faye Dunaway was born in Bascom, Florida.

Are there any professional football players that were born premature?


What French football players are not actually born in France?

the french fries!

Football players born in Liverpool?

steven Gerrard and Jamie carragher

Who are some famous Caucasians that were born in Florida?


What city was Lee Corso born in?

Lee Corso was born in Miami, Florida on August 7, 1935. He is most famous for sports broadcaster and football analyst for ESPN. He also did the commentary for computer games made by EA.

If someone is born in Missouri but lived in Florida for a little while does that make him famous in Florida?

absolutely not.

What athletes were born in Florida?

David Robinson was born in Florida,Tampa on August 6,1965. He is a famous NBA player of the San Antanio

How many College Football players were born in the State of Wyoming?

It must be in the 1000s

How many players in Liverpool football team?

There are 33 players in the football team 'Liverpool' They are the best 33 players in the world.. im Liverpool born and bread!!!!!!!! any other people are talkin BC

Famous People that where born in Miami Florida?

Jake gosa

Who are famous actors born from Florida?

Maria Canals Barrera

What famous football player was born in August?

Tom Brady

What Italian football players were born in January?

Gennaro Gattuso 9th janury 1978

What famous soccer players were born on May 26?

Adriel Perez

Which famous person was born in Clearwater Florida?

The 24 year old actress Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida on February 5th, 1985

Who is the famous football player in Algeria?

The most famous Algerian football player is Zinedine Zidane, who was born in and plays for France. However, both his parents are Algerian.

Who are Famous people born in Florida?

Mark Twain (hehe)IS OLD

What two famous people were born in Florida?

Pitbull and sean kingston