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Q: What was the highest number of runs in a shut out MLB game?
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As a baseball pitcher what is the highest number of batters you could face and still pitch a nine inning shut-out?

The highest number of batters that could bat during an inning where no runs are scored is 6. That would make for a maximum of 54 batters in a nine inning shutout.

CAn a pitcher be credited with a no hit game if he walks the batters?

No. By definition, a no hitter is when the other team fails to get on first base at all. YES!, A NO HITTER means he gave up no hits, a shut out means he have up no runs, a PERFECT GAME is no runs, no hits. BUT what is no runs, no hits and no walks? or no hits, no runs, no walks and nobody on base ?

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If you're talking about NFL football... The highest score in a regular-season game was 72 (Washington over NY Giants, Nov. 27, 1966. This was also the game with the most points, both teams. In an earlier era, the highest score was the 1940 NFL Championship Game, in which the Chicago Bears shut out the Washington Redskins, 73-0. (Ouch!)

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