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Portsmouth 7 - 4 Reading - in 2007/08 season

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Portsmouth 7 Reading 4 on 29 September 2007. Reading also lost 6-4 at Tottenham on 29 December 2007.

Manchester United 8 Arsenal 2 28th August 2011.

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Jordon Greenwood

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Q: What was the highest man you ever scored in the premiership?
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Who was the first premiership goal scored against?

Man Utd. Brian Deane scored for Sheffield United against them in 1992.

Which current premiership player scored hatrick against man utd?

Egil Østenstad

Who scored First ever goal in English premiership?

Brian Deane, for Sheffield Utd against Man U on the opening day of the first season of the Premieirship (1992/1993)

Which club won English premiership with highest point?

man u

The club with the highest number of red cards in the premiership this season is?

It is man u

Which defender has scored the most goals in the premiership history?

Steve Bruce scored 36 for Man Utd and 2 for Birmingham so 38 in total.

Which player has scored the most penalties since the premiership started?

Buying players Chelsea £744,440,000 Won Premiership Man CITY £649,180,000 Won Premiership Liverpool £552,205,000 Not Man UTD £483,150,000 Won Premiership Spurs £412,050,000 Not Arsenal £341,090,000 Won Premiership Blackburn£195,462,000 Won Premiership

Who scored the first ever premiership goal?

Answer THE FIRST PREMIERSHIP SCORER WASThe first ever premiership goal was scored by "Brian Dean" .He scored for Sheffield united after 5 minutes in the 2-1 victory over Manchester United on 15th August 1992. He also scored Sheffields 2nd goal from the penalty spot.

Most goals scored against Manchester united in the premiership?

Well i surport Man U so im not saying anything

Who scored Manchester uniteds 1000th premiership goal?

christiano ronaldo when man utd got beat 4-1 by middlesboro

What 6 premiership teams has Craig bellamy scored for?

Liverpool, blackburn, Newcastle, west ham, man city and Celtic (spl)

Which 4 players have scored against man united for 3 different premiership clubs?

brian deane anelka ferdinand hasslebaink