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Alexander Mogilny
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Q: What was the goalkeepers name to have scored the quickest goal?
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What is the west ham united goal keepers full name?

The West Ham goalkeepers full name is... Robert Green. He is a very good goalkeeper.

Name a water sport in which a goal can be scored?

Water polo.

Who scored a goal for the opposition and then scored for his own football team These were the only goals he scored for his team Can you name the player and the team he played for?

Hutchinson (LW) For Coventry

Name a player who has scored a goal for both teams Liverpool and Manchester untied?

Paul Ince

What is the polish goalkeepers name?

Wojciech Szczensy

Who scored the 1500 premiership goal?

1500 or 15,000? Mauritz Volz of Fulham scored the 15,000'th, and he hence got the name "15000 Volz"

How many footballers have scored more than 100 goals by 2003?

1 person have scored more than 100 goal and his name is Ivramovic in 2003.

What was the name of the song that saracuse lacrosse played after they scored a goal in the 09 national championship game?

Kenny nims

Who scored the winning goal in the1966 FIFA World Cup Final?

a guy whos last name was peters

What was the name of the footballer that scored the first goal in world cup 2010?

It is Sipne tsabawalla a South African verses Mexico.

How many goals has gyan scored for sunderland?

he's made 17 appearances and has scored six goals

Who were the Two goalkeepers same name one of whom played for England?

Is it James.