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1970, the first year of play after the AFL-NFL merger.

Each conference had three divisions and each division winner made the playoffs along with one wildcard team. The first teams to make the playoffs as a wildcard were the Detroit Lions in the NFC and the Miami Dolphins in the AFC.

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Q: What was the first year the nfl had wildcard teams?
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How many NFL wildcard teams have made it to the Super Bowl?

Eight NFL wildcard teams have made it to the Super Bowl.

Is a wildcard the same as playoffs?

In the NFL, yes. The wildcard round is the first round of the NFL Playoffs.

Can a NFL wildcard team play the division winner of their division in the wildcard playoff round?

Yes.In the NFL playoffs, teams play each other strictly by seed (3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5). Also, if the division winner was a 3 or 4 seed and the two wildcard teams came from that division, it would not be possible to keep teams from the same division from meeting in the wildcard round.This in different than the MLB playoffs where the wildcard team cannot play their division winner.

Number of NFL wildcard teams?

Two wild card teams make the playoffs in each conference making a total of four.

How does the NFL decide the wild card teams?

The two teams in each conference with the best record (excluding division champions) earn playoff berths as wildcard teams.

How many NFL teams make the playoffs?

They changed the playoff format in 2020 and now there are 7 teams from each conference. The #1 seed in the conference gets a bye and they added an extra wildcard team.

Has an NFL wild card team ever had home field advantage?

In the old alignment, when there were 3 wildcard teams from each conference, the "best" wildcard team would play their first game at home, but unless they happened to meet another wildcard team in a later round, then all subsequent games would be played away.

What NFL team holds the record for most playoff games lost in a row?

Through the 2008 season, the NFL record for most consecutive playoff games lost is 6 and is held by 7 teams. 3 of the 7 teams' losing streak are current.Current 6 game playoff losing streaks -1) Detroit Lions - 1991 NFC Conference Championship, 1993 NFC Wildcard, 1994 NFC Wildcard, 1995 NFC Wildcard, 1997 NFC Wildcard, 1999 NFC Wildcard2) Dallas Cowboys - 1996 NFC Division, 1998 NFC Wildcard, 1999 NFC Wildcard, 2003 NFC Wildcard, 2006 NFC WIldcard, 2007 NFC Division3) Kansas City Chiefs - 1993 AFC Conference Championship, 1994 AFC Wildcard, 1995 AFC Division, 1997 AFC Division, 2003 AFC Division, 2006 AFC WildcardHistoric 6 game playoff losing streaks -1) Cleveland Browns - 1969 NFL Conference Championship, 1971 AFC Division, 1982 AFC Division, 1980 AFC Division, 1982 AFC Wildcard, 1985 AFC Division2) New York Giants - 1939 NFL Championship, 1941 NFL Championship, 1943 NFL Division, 1944 NFL Championship, 1946 NFL Championship, 1950 NFL Division3) Minnesota Vikings - 1988 NFC Division, 1989 NFC Division, 1992 NFC Wildcard, 1993 NFC Wildcard, 1994 NFC Wildcard, 1996 NFC Wildcard4) Seattle Seahawks - 1984 AFC Division, 1987 AFC Wildcard, 1988 AFC Division, 1999 AFC Wildcard, 2003 NFC Wildcard, 2004 NFC Wildcard

What is a NFL wildcard game?

When 2 teams have a record not quite good enough to make it into the playoffs, they must face each other in a wildcard game. The winner makes it into the playoffs, and the losers season is over.

What year did the NFL and AFL merge?

1970 was the first season of the 'new' NFL that combined NFL and AFL teams.

Who are the NFL wildcard teams that have made it to the Super Bowl?


How many teams in nfl play offs?

In the NFL, 12 teams make the playoffs. Six are from the AFC and six from the NFC. In the AFC and NFC, the two best division leaders get a first round bye. Each of the other two division leaders play a wildcard team. Wildcard is the best two teams which are not a division leader. The winners of those games each face a team with a first round bye. The winner of those teams play each other. The AFC winner of that game and the NFC winner then face each other in what is called the "Superbowl".

How many teams make the NFL playoffs?

They changed the playoff format in 2020 and now there are 7 teams from each conference. The #1 seed in the conference gets a bye and they added an extra wildcard team.

In the NFL playoffs why is it called Divisional Round when teams from same division can't play each other?

Only in MLB can the teams from the same division not play each other, and that's only in the first round of playoffs. In the NFL, I think it's called the Divisional round because in theory, only divisional champs will be remaining in the playoffs after Wildcard Weekend.

What is NFL wildcard?

Nfl wildcard is when the 4 lowest seeds in each conference play each other to qualify for the divisional round.

Is there a second round bye in the nfl playoffs?

There is no bye in the Divisional (2nd round) playoff games. The first and second seeded teams in each conference each get a bye week in the Wildcard (1st) round of the playoffs.

Have any NFL teams won the super bowl after losing their first game of the year?


Have the lions ever made the playoffs with a 7-9 record?

No. However, during the strike season of 1982, the NFL increased the number of playoff teams to 16. The Lions made the playoffs with a 4-5 record as a wildcard. They lost in the wildcard round to the Washington Redskins, 31-7.

Did Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl as a wildcard team?

Dallas has won the Super Bowl five times, and each of those seasons they were the NFC East Division winner.According the, only nine wildcard teams have advanced to the Super Bowl since the wildcard format was introduced following the NFL/AFL merger prior to the 1970 season, and only five of them have won it (1980 Raiders, 1997 Broncos, 2000 Ravens, 2005 Steelers and 2007 Giants)The 1975 Dallas Cowboys were the first wildcard team to make it to the Super Bowl.The 1980 Oakland Rainders were the first wildcard team to win it.

list of NFL teams scoreing 33 points in 2013?

what NFL teams srored 33 points only this year 2013

How many teams were there by the first Super Bowl?

There were 15 teams in the NFL, and 9 teams in the AFL.

When was the last time 4 NFL teams started the season undefeated?

Every year 16 NFL teams start 1-0.

What city has had the most winning sports teams in a year like NFL NHL NBA?

This year, both the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) won their championships. It was the first time both an NFL and an NHL team won from the same city.

How many teams were in the NFL in 2000?

There were a total of 31 teams in the NFL in the year 2000. It expanded to 32 in 2002 when the Houston Texans joined the league.

Which 2 nfl teams played in the very first super bowl game?

The Baltimore Colts and the Dallas Cowboys played in the first Superbowl consist of purely NFL teams.