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1-0 was the very first Basketball scoring

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Q: What was the first scoring in basketball?
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How is scoring kept in basketball?

By a scoreboard.

Who holds the record of scoring the most points as a rookie in their first basketball game?

Peter ihnacak

What is vital in scoring plays in basketball?


In basketball where is the scoring zone?

anywhere you can shoot from

What are the scoring rules of Basketball?

it shold be a foul

What is the scoring team in basketball called?

The winner

What is better an assist or scoring in basketball?

Scoring because it makes you win better then to lose.

What was the lowest scoring first half for a UNC v. NC State basketball game?


What do defenders do in basketball?

defend the opponent team from scoring

What is the highest scoring professional basketball game?

904,962,401 to 32

Who is NCAA Womens basketball scoring leader?

Dugan bradley

Who holds the Illinois basketball scoring record?

Dave Downey

When is a basketball game high scoring?

100 by wilt chamberlain

What was the lowest scoring UCLA basketball game?


What is the rule for Scoring on wrong basket in basketball?

The rule for scoring in the wrong basket is that the other team gets the point

Highest scoring basketball game?

The highest scoring basketball game of all time was a game between the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets. The winning score was 370 points.

Who is the NCAA women's basketball scoring average leader?

jackie styles

Who is the Pac-Ten All Time basketball scoring leaders?


What is the NCAA mens basketball scoring record?

113 pts. bi

Who are the NCAA Division I career basketball scoring leaders?

Pete Maravich

Who is Unc basketball career scoring AVERAGE leader?

Lenny rosenbluth

When did Thomas Randall set NCAA basketball scoring record?


Who is the University of Kentucky men's basketball scoring leader?

Dan Issel.

What is uconn mens basketball lowest scoring half?

4 points

University of Kentucky women basketball who is scoring leader?

Valarie Still