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When David Beckham made his debut at the end of the 1994-1995 season, his first squad number was 28. At the start of the 95/96 season, Beckham took on the squad number 24, with Paul Scholes moving to the number 22. At the start of the 96/97 season, Becks wore the coverted number 10 jersey for Man United recently vacated by Mark Hughes. When Teddy Sheringham arrived the following season, Becks left the No 10 to take on the No 7 jersey which he owned till he left for Real Madrid in July 2003.

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Q: What was the first number David Beckham wore on his shirt for Manchester United?
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Has David Beckham played for Manchester united?

Yes David Beckham has played for Manchester united before

What was David beckhams number for man you?

David Beckham wore jersey number 7 at Manchester United.

How old was beckham when he played for Manchester United?

David Beckham was 14 years old when he started playing for Manchester United.

What players did Manchester United discover?

David Beckham

Which club did david beckham play against last in Manchester united jersey?

number 7

What team was David Beckham on in 1993?

Manchester United

What team did david beckham 1st play for?

Manchester united

For which premier league did David Beckham play?

Manchester United

What team did David Beckham start playing for?

David Beckham, came from the youth and Manchester United and that was his first club.

Where did Manchester United loan david beckham?

Preston North End

When did David Beckham start playing in Manchester United?

In 1993.

Which ex Manchester United players have played against Manchester United in the champions league?

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