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The Professional Golfer of America

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Q: What was the first magazine about golf?
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When was the magazine Golf first published?


When was Golf Magazine created?

Golf Magazine was created in 1960.

What year did the first Golf magazine published in the US?


When was Inside Golf - magazine - created?

Inside Golf - magazine - was created in 2001-08.

In what year was the first monthly golfing magazine golf published in the US?


Where can one purchase Golf Leisure magazine?

Golf Leisure Magazine can be purchased at any local news stand or through a subscription. This magazine focuses on the sport of golf and includes many reviews.

How much does a subscription to Golf Digest Magazine cost?

The cost of the Golf Digest Magazine subscription is in around å£47.88. This magazine consist of tips on how to play golf and your golfing skills. It also has tips on better balance.

What is Golfer Girl Magazine?

Golfer Girl Magazine was a magazine started by three golf playing California sisters and their father. It was an excellent magazine that included instructional articles, information concerning women's careers in golf, college golf team information, and more. Unfortunately, it did not survive more than a year or so.

What magazine featured Tiger Woods when he was five?

Golf Digest.

How much does Golf Digest cost per year?

Golf Digest is a magazine that focuses on the sport of golf. The magazine is published twelve times a year and a traditional subscription costs $12, while a digital and print subscription costs $17.

Who is the head editor of Golf Digest?

Jerry Tarde is the head editor of Golf Digest. He was not always the the head editor of Golf Digest. He has written many golf related articles for the Golf Digest magazine.

How long has Golf World been published?

Golf World was first published in 1950 and was sold in 1969 to The New York Times Company, who then sold it to Conde Nast in 2001 with the rest of their magazine division.

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