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A discus, used in Olympic games a while back. It is called a discus because it is in the shape of a disk.

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Q: What was the first frisbee called and why is it called that?
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Is there a new frisbee?

There is a new way to play frisbee its called frisbee golf.

What was the second name for the frisbee?

what was the first name of a frisbee

How much did the first frisbee cost?

Fred Morrison invented and marketed the first Frisbee in 1938. The price of the first Frisbee was only one nickel.

What sport is the frisbee throwing called?

Ultimate Frisbee is the 'football-esque' version of frisbee, but there is also disk golf.

When were frisbee by wham-o invented?

The first Wham-O Frisbee was first made in 1948.

What is anoter name for the frisbee?

disc, ultimate frisbee, flatball, plastic spinning thing. 'frisbee' is a company's trade name which is why the sport is called 'ultimate frisbee'.

Who made the first Frisbee?

The Wham-O company first sold the Frisbee and continue to sell them today.

When was the frisbee invented?

the first plastic frisbee was invented in 1948It was invented in 1987

When did the Frisbee go on sale?

The first Wham-O Frisbee went on sale in 1948.

Where was the first frisbee invented?


Who invented the first plastic frisbee?

Walter Morrison and Warren Franscioni invented a version of the first plastic frisbee in 1948. Morrison continued to work on a basic plastic model for the modern frisbee and called it Pluto Platter. He received design patent 183,626 for a flying toy on September 30, 1958.

Where did the name Frisbee come from?

The Frisbee came about after students discovered throwing Frisbee pie pans supplied entertainment. This led Walter Fredrick Morrison to invent and patent the first plastic Frisbee.

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