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i believe it was a skull.

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Q: What was the first ever African-American Lacrosse ball made out of?
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What was the first sport ever played in America?

The stick game of shinny, which developed into lacrosse and hockey and polo, was played by North American Indians from time immemorial. There is also the ball-game of the South American Indians, but it can hardly be called a sport.

What was the first sport ever created in America?


How does a lacrosse ball travel?

fastest shot ever was by Paul Rabil at 111 mph. l

How is lacrosse the fastest sport on two feet?

I think it would be NHRA Top Fuel drag racing first and then Indy car second

First sport ever invented in the US?

Lacrosse invented by the Native Americans

What did Indians do for fun?

the Algonquian Indians played a game called lacrosse had a racket and a ball.some-one would through the ball and all the others would try to catch it with there racket.who-ever caught the ball would through it next.thats how the Algonquian Indians played lacrosse.

What is the importance of lacrosse?

lacrosse is the best sport ever and it takes a real guy to play it. lacrosse is the best sport ever and it takes a real guy to play it.

Who is francie crowell?

the first californian to ever play women's lacrosse at notre dame. go francie!

What was the first ball ever made?


What is the fastest lacrosse ever?


Did Hopkins lacrosse ever play Boston college lacrosse?

Not likely, Boston College Lacrosse is a MCLA not NCAA like Hopkins

What is the first basketball ever used?

A soccer ball.