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Karate is a word from Okinawa. It is now a part of Japan, but at the time was an independent kingdom.

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Q: What was the first country to say karate?
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Which country first defeated Japan in the karate world championship?

Great Britain

How do you say karate?


When was karate first brought to Australia?

Karate was created in Okinawa. It was brought to Australia by the Japanese and Okinawans. While there were certainly practitioners there a long time ago, it was probably in the 1930's that it was first brought to the country.

What country said karate first?

Okinawa is the country of origin for karate. The word is made up of two characters. The second one is te, meaning hand. The first can mean two different things, though it is said the same way. Kara can mean China or Empty.

Who were the first people to practice karate?

Karate originated on Okinawa, an island country now a part of Japan. They combined kung fu and tode, a local wrestling style.

How do you say I like karate?

I like karate

How do you say karate school in Japanese?

Karate dojo.

What is the first belt in karate?

the first belt in karate is white

How do you say i like to take karate in spanish?

"I would like to take karate" = "Querría tomar karate"

What country is karate originated in?

Karate was developed in Okinawa. They combined the local wrestling with Chinese Kung Fu to create karate.

When did the first Karate Kid come out?

The first Karate Kid came out in 1984.

What states cities and countries play karate?

You do not play karate. Karate is a martial art. Today you can find karate studios or dojo in just about every city and country.

What is karate in Tagalog?

It is called karate in every country, using the name given to it in Okinawa.

What country did karate start in?

Karate started in Japan. In Japanese it means 'empty hand'

Karate is the most popular sport in what country?

There are currently more people participating in karate in the United States than any other country. Karate was not, however, created in the United States- it is originally a Japanese sport.

How do you say karate in Welsh?

Ffederasiwn Karate Traddodiaeth Cymru

Is karate better or boxing?

I would say karate but it is all a matter of opinion.!! :)

How do you say What is up karate kid in spanish?

que pasa karate kid?

What is the Japanese name for the first kata in karate?

In Sanchi Ryu Karate, the Japanese name for the first kata in this style of Karate is kata-ichi (also called first series, first action). Hope this helps!

Which country did karate first start?

Karate as we know it today originated on the island of Okinawa. It was created using a combination of Tegumi, a wrestling style, and Chinese White Crane Kung Fu several hundred years ago.

What is the name of the song from the karate kid?

One of the songs in the karate kid was "Say what you need to Say" but that's the only one I can remember

How do you say karate in Japanese?

i think karate is a Japanese word it means empty handed.

What country was karate invented in?

In Okinawa

What was the first song in karate kid?

If I am not wrong, it should be "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith

'Karate Kid' takes place in what country?

The original Karate Kid took place in the United States. The new Karate Kid takes place in China.