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'Deep Blue' defeated Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in May of 1997 .

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Q: What was the first computer to defeat a world champion chess player?
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What was the first computer to defeat a world champion chass player?

"Deep Blue" defeated chess grand master Garry Kasparov in the May of 1997.

What did the computer deep blue specialize in?

Deep blue specialized in being the first computer to defeat a chess champion at chess when it defeated grand master Gary Kasparov.

What was the first computer to defeat a world chess player?

"Deep Blue" .

Deep blue of IBM defeated chess champion in 1997 .if computer can not thing .how is such defeat possible?

It is true that the computer cannot think but the people who programmed the computer can. So if you take a very powerful computer ( like Deep Blue) and program it very clever then the computer will be very good at chess and can even defeat a world champion.

Who was a lawyer and a chess player?

The brilliant Paul Morphy was both. He was recognized as the world chess champion but before there was a formal champion.

Computer game that beat chess world champion in 1997?

'Deep Blue' , a super computer , beat world chess champion Gary Kasparov May 11, 1997 .

Who is the chess-playing computer world reigning champion?

garry kasparov

Who did Paul Morphy defeat to become world champion in chess?

Tiarnan Doherty and Arnold Cantero

Is the word champion a noun or a verb?

The word champion is both a noun and a verb; champion is also an adjective. Example uses: Noun: Mark was the district champion at the chess tournament. Verb: Mark plans to champion the availability of chess at all the schools in the district. Adjective: Mark is a champion chess player and a champion person.

What is the world champion of chess called?

Chess World Champion

Which was the first computer to defeat grand master in chess?

"Deep Blue" .

WHo is the highest paid chess player in the world?

Vishwanathan Anand of India. He is the current World Champion and highest paid chess player.

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