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university of georgia 1983

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Q: What was the first college to have both its men's and women's basketball teams reach the final four in the same season?
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How popular is women's college basketball compared to men's college basketball?

Mens college basketball is astronomically more popular than the womens. Not even women watch the womens version. An example of how much more popular it is. The Ncaa Final Four are officially called the Men's tournament and women's tournament. However the men's version is referred to as "Te Tournament" and the women's as, "The Woman's Tournament."

What year had the lowest seeds in the Final Four of college basketball?


What college is VCU of the NCAA basketball final four?

Virginia Commonwealth University

What was the lowest final score for a Fresno State college basketball game?


What was the first college to have both its men's and womens's basketball teams in the final four?

UCONN did it in 2004. They both won National Championships as well and were obviously the first to do that too. 1983 U of Georgia's men and women were the first to do it.

What are the names of the final 4 basketball college teams?

Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State, and Kansas.

What is the lowest final score of an acc college basketball game?

NCSU 12, Duke 10

Who were the final four in college basketball in 1995?

UCLA, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and North Carolina.

Who was the first NCAA college basketball team to make it to 5 consecutive final fours?


What is the playing surface called where the college basketball semi-finals are played?

the final floor

Who won the Heisman Trophy and played in the NCAA basketball Final Four in the same season?

Terry Baker

Has any college basketball team ever gone unbeaten all the to final four?

ucla and Indiana

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