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Q: What was the first baseball team with numbered jerseys?
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New jerseys profesional baseball team?


What is the size of a number on the back of baseball jerseys?

It depends on the type of font the team uses on their jerseys

Who picks the game day jerseys for major league baseball?

The manager of the home team gets first choice, usually their white or lighter colored jerseys.

Do profesional baseball players keep their jerseys when they move to a new team?

No..the baseball uniforms belong to the team.

Are the Texas Rangers baseball team the only team to have Texas on their home and away jerseys?

They are the only baseball team that I know of that have Texas on either of their jerseys. I heard a rumor that the Marlins thought about it but felt it would be too confusing.

What are the colours of the Italian International Football Team?

The Italian football team first choice is blue jerseys, second choice is white jerseys.

Which 2008 super bowl team is the home team?

The chosen "home team" alternates between the NFC team in odd-numbered years (the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005), and the AFC team in even numbered years (the New England Patriots in 2004). The home team is given the option of either wearing their painted jerseys or their white ones; this began with Super Bowl XIII. Former to that, the home team at all times wore the dark jerseys

Where can you get a Chicago Cubs hockey jersey?

The Chicago Cubs are a baseball team. There are no hockey jerseys.

Does the home team usaually where their light jerseys or their dark jerseys?

They usaually wear their light jerseys since they are the home team!

What NHL team was the first to wear names on their jerseys?

California Golden Seals.

What college football team was first to put names on their jerseys?

it was university of Hawaii

Who was First college football team to use numbers on its jerseys?

Washington & Jefferson

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