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200 yard footrace

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What was the first and only event held in the Olympics?
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What was the only athletic event held at at the first ancient Olympics?


What was the only event held at the first Olympics in 776 BC?

sausage eating comepetition

What was the only event held at the earliest Olympics games?


What city in Korea held the first Olympics?

The first and only Olympics held in Korea was the 1988 Summer Olympics which were held in Seoul.

What was the only event held in the ancient Olympics in 776 BC?

life or death.

Where exactly was the ancient race the Olympics held?

The first games featured only one event,the Stadion, a foot race of about 200 yards.

What was the only event in the first 13 Olympics?

it was ice hockey

In the earliest ancient Olympics the only event held was?

The stadion - a foot race of a couple of hundred metres.

What was the only even held at the first Olympics?

200 meter run

What were some stuff that happened in 776bc ancient Greece?

The First Olympics were held in Athens. According to the legend Heracles was the founder of this athletic event. Heracles also known as Zeus's son. It was the only athletic event that was held in Athens at the time.

What does the Olympics have to do with Greece?

Greece held the first Olympics. They were held in Olympia in honor of their gods which, lived on Mount Olympus. Only men were allowed to watch the Olympics because only men were in the Olympics and they wore nothing. They were nude.

When did ancient Greeks start Olympics?

The first ever ancient olympics were held in Olympia, Greece in 776BC. The only event that year was a single race around the stadium, and the games lasted one day.

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