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phone book papers glued together with hot wheels car wheels

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โˆ™ 2009-07-03 17:50:17
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Q: What was the first Tech Deck that was ever made?
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What is the rarest Tech Deck ever?

i would strongly say that plan b gold IS THE RAREST TECH DECK EVER TO BE MADE.

What are the best Tech Decks ever made?


Is a dark star Tech Deck better than a black label?

No. All Tech Decks are made the same way. The only thing different is the design on the bottom of the deck.

When was the Tech Deck made?

I think in the 1990's. Like 1997 or something.

What is the rarest blinds Tech Deck?

I have a blind eternal life tech deck. It has one single red rose and says bLind ETERNAL LIFE at the bottom. I could not find it anywhere on-line or in stores exept the one 4 pack that had it. The tech deck website doesn't have it listed in its list of every tech deck every made. If you don't believe me go to and go to my collection and search brand and then blind.

Where can i get a Tech Deck completely made of metal?

If you were creative you could probably make one.

Who made the first Tech Deck?

a skateboarder was inside because it was raining and he got bored and he got cardboard and other stuff to make it. that was late 1990's

What are the second best Tech Deck brand?

They are all made out of the same material. Besides, that was a fad of 2006-2007

Where can you find Tech Deck grip tape?

go to They have ready made grip tape for tech decks. Its much better than the junk on eBay that you have to cut yourself.

Who made the first ever scooter?

Who made the first ever scooter

When was Deck the Halls written?

Deck the Halls was first written in 1904. The Yuletide Deck the Halls first volume was made in 1939, the second volume in 1945, and the final in 1947.

What was the first detergent ever made?

the first detergent ever made was homericky they made it in the 1700'S.

Where were tech decks made?

Tech Decks were introduced in 1998 by Steven Asher. California Read more at Suite101: The Tech Deck Craze: A Little Skateboard with Power

Who made the first computer ever?

Charles Babbage made the first ever computer

What was the first cookie ever made?

The first cookie ever made was in the year of 1885

What is the first webkin ever made?

The Cheeky Dog was the first webkin ever made.

When were the first deck of cards made?

it was on 1485 when the war was starting

What is the first DS ever made?

the first ds ever made was a nintendo ds lite

What was the first pen ever made?

The Quill or Reed Pen was the first pens ever made

What was eminems first song ever made?

His First song ever made was Infinite. In 1995.

What was the first clock ever made?

The first clock ever made was a sundial. See related link.

What was the first dog ever made in the world?

i think the first dog ever made was a pit bull.

What is the first style ever made?

Areo was the first style ever made. This is from Kendall Gunderson who wrote this answer.

Is a almost tech deck good?

All Tech Decks are made the same way. So to answer your question, almost Tech Decks are just as good as blind or Darkstar Tech Decks. but some are cooler looking and the new 2010 competition series darkstar board has awesome long board wheels!!!

When was the first toothpaste ever made?

The first toothpaste ever made around the 1800s. A dentist by the name of Peabody, made the first toothpaste with soap in it in 1824.

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