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No Super Bowl ever had a team score on the last play of regulation.

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Q: What was the first Super Bowl that the winning point was scored on the last play?
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Who scored the winning point in the Super Bowl 2009?

the pittsburg steelers

What NFL team scored the first point in the opening game of a season and also scored the last point to win the Super bowl in the same season?

the New York Giants

Who scored the first point in super bowl 2011?


Who scored the first 2 point conversion in a Super Bowl?

Mark Seay from QB Dan Humphries of the San Diego Chargers

Who scored the last two point conversion in a Super Bowl?

Lance Moore

Who was the First to score 2 point conversion?

Wide Reciever Mark Seay of the San Diego Chargers, at 11:59 of the third quarter, scored the first 2 point conversion in Super Bowl play versus the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX.

WHo scored the first basketball point?

Jake cassidy

Who scored the first point in basketball?

Jake cassidy

Who scored the Vancouver Grizzlies first point?

cris alexander

Who scored the first ever point for the Toronto Raptors?

Alvin Robertson on a 3 point shot.

How many times has a player scored both the last point in a super bowl and the first point in the next season?

Prior to the NFL having the season opener on Thursday nights, this stat is near impossible for a non-professional researcher to track down. Since the season openers started on Thursday nights in 2002, there has been only one person to technically achieve this feat, Kicker Adam Vinateri of the New England Patriots. He scored the last points in Super Bowl XXXVIII vs the Carolina Panthers and then scored the first points in the 2004 season, kicking a field goal against the Indianapolis Colts. It may be argued that Santonio Holmes also achieved this feat, having scored the last td in the Super Bowl and scoring the first points of the 2009 season. However, the last point scored in Super Bowl XLIII was by kicker Jeff Reed. Based on that distinction, only Adam Vinateri has achieved this feat.

Who scored the first point in NBA history?

It's the Knicks Ossie Schectman who scored the very first Point in NBA in the Game New York Knicks vs. Toronto Huskies in 1946

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