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The games of the I (first) Olympiad held in Athens Greece in the year 1896.

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Q: What was the first Olympiad that swimming was in?
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What year was the first olympiad?

The first olympiad was held in 776BCE The first modern olympiad was held in 1896

What Olympiad was the 2004 Olympics?

The 2004 Olympic Games were held in the first year of the 28th Olympiad, which ended in 2007. The Beijing Games were held in the first year of the 29th Olympiad, and so on.

When was the first original olympiad first held?

776 b.C.

Where was first olympiad held?

in Athens in Greece

What games were in the olympic in 1896?

The first games of the Olympiad.

When was soccer made an Olympic sport for men?

It was first introduced as an exhibition sport at the Second Olympiad in Paris in 1900, and again at the Third Olympiad in St.Louis in 1904. It became an official Olympic sport and the Fourth Olympiad in London in 1908.

Where did the first swimming event in the Olympics take place?

The 1896 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the I Olympiad, were celebrated in 1896 in Athens, Greece. Unlike today, the 1896 swimming competitions were held at open sea. Nearly 20,000 spectators were noted to have watched the event, in the Bay of Zea, off the Piraeus coast.

Which Olympiad is 2008?

The 2008 Games are considered the XXIX Olympiad (29th Olympiad).

Why is the 2008 Olympics also called the XXIX Olympiad?

The first Olympic Games of the modern era (1st Olympiad) were held in Athens in 1896. The Olympics are held every 4 years, so 2008 is the 29th (XXIX) Olympiad. (1896 + 28 * 4 = 2008)

Where and what year were the first Olympics?

* 1896 - Games of the I Olympiad - Athens, Greece * 1900 - Games of the II Olympiad - Paris, France * 1904 - Games of the III Olympiad - St. Louis, Missouri, United States * 1906 - Intercalated Games - Athens, Greece * 1908 - Games of the IV Olympiad - London, United Kingdom * 1912 - Games of the V Olympiad - Stockholm, Sweden * 1916 - Games of the VI Olympiad - Berlin, Germany - Cancelled due to World War I * 1920 - Games of the VII Olympiad - Antwerp, Belgium * 1924 - Games of the VIII Olympiad - Paris, France * 1928 - Games of the IX Olympiad - Amsterdam, Netherlands * 1932 - Games of the X Olympiad - Los Angeles, California, United States * 1936 - Games of the XI Olympiad - Berlin, Germany * 1940 - Games of the XII Olympiad - Helsinki, Finland - Cancelled due to World War II * 1944 - Games of the XIII Olympiad - London, United Kingdom- Cancelled due to World War II * 1948 - Games of the XIV Olympiad - London, United Kingdom * 1952 - Games of the XV Olympiad - Helsinki, Finland * 1956 - Games of the XVI Olympiad - Melbourne, Australia / Stockholm, Sweden (Equestrian events) * 1960 - Games of the XVII Olympiad - Rome, Italy * 1964 - Games of the XVIII Olympiad - Tokyo, Japan * 1968 - Games of the XIX Olympiad - Mexico City, Mexico * 1972 - Games of the XX Olympiad - Munich, West Germany (now Munich, Germany) * 1976 - Games of the XXI Olympiad - Montréal, Quebec, Canada * 1980 - Games of the XXII Olympiad - Moscow, Soviet Union (now Moscow, Russia) * 1984 - Games of the XXIII Olympiad - Los Angeles, California, United States * 1988 - Games of the XXIV Olympiad - Seoul, South Korea * 1992 - Games of the XXV Olympiad - Barcelona, Spain * 1996 - Games of the XXVI Olympiad - Atlanta, Georgia, United States * 2000 - Games of the XXVII Olympiad - Sydney, Australia * 2004 - Games of the XXVIII Olympiad - Athens, Greece * 2008 - Games of the XXIX Olympiad - Beijing, China / Hong Kong, China (Equestrian events)

What number is this olympiad?

This is the 29th olympiad

What is the frequency of chess olympiad?

at first, it was held randomly; but since the world war II, the chess olympiad has been held at a time interval of every 2 years.

When was the first olympic games in Greece?

In the modern era, the first Olympiad was held in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

Which publication has best books for science Olympiad and maths Olympiad?

Disha publication books for olympiad exams might help you if you are looking for class 8th olympiad books.

The first modern Olympiad took place in what year?

1896 in Athens, Greece.

Who was the first American woman to win 4 medals in an olympiad?

kerri brown

Who was the first American won to win four medals in an Olympiad?

MOM knows

Why do the summer Olympics only happen every 4 years?

The Olympics are celebrated every four years because this is the length of the Olympiad, and Olympiad is a method of keeping time in the Ancient Greece. The Olympiad was used like a calendar but it lasted four years long as apposed to only one. The first Olympiad was used in 776 B.C., the same year the Olympics started. From then on many people in Ancient Greece referred to the years and days of the Olympiad as there way of saying the date. "They would say; I was born in the second year of the twenty-fourth Olympiad" (Carr 1).

Where were the first Olympics held in Canada?

The first Olympics held in Canada were the Games of the XXI Olympiad in Montreal in 1976.

When were the first competitions of swimming?

The first swimming competition was in 1984.

The pentathlon was added during which olympiad?

The 15th olympiad.

When and by whom were the modern olympic games started?

In Athens in l896, the first modern Olympiad.

What are the ratings and certificates for Olympiad 448 BC Olympiad of Ancient Hellas - 2004?

Olympiad 448 BC Olympiad of Ancient Hellas - 2004 is rated/received certificates of: Greece:K-17

When did People's Olympiad happen?

People's Olympiad happened in 1936.

When was Computer Olympiad created?

Computer Olympiad was created in 1989.