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The Chicago Blackhawks scored 3 goals in :54, back on January 17, 1976

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5 to 4 seconds

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Q: What was the fastest three goals scored by the Chicago Blackhawks?
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What is the nhl record for fastest 3 goals that were scored after the start of the game?

Bill Mosienko scored a hat trick in 21 seconds with Chicago blackhawks to spark a 6-5 victory

What is the highest scoring Chicago blackhawks game?

Chicago scored 9 goals on December 11, 1985. I'm not sure if this is the highest.

How many goals does Patrick Kane have 2010?

Yes, Patrick Kane is a great player. He scored the winning goal for the 2010 Stanely Cup game.

What hockey player scored 3 goals in 1 game?

MANY MANY players have scored 3 goals in a game. It's called a "hat trick."

What year did the Chicago Blackhawks start using the horn after goals?


Who scored the fastest 250 league goals?

Brian Clough

Who is the last player in the NHL who scored 50 goals or more for the Chicago Blackhawks?

97-98 John Leclair 51 goals. ?? How about Stephan Richer 1989-90? Leclair was in his 3rd year with the Flyers in 97-98 - but he did score 51 goals that year - for the Flyers.

What was the fastest six goals ever scored in the NHL?

2 seconds

Which NHL player scored 70 goals the fastest in one season?

Wyane Gretzky

Who has scored the fastest league goal for Chesterfield?

Eoin Doyle is the person who scored the fastest goal for Chesterfield. He is still the record breaker with an all time record of 44 goals in a season.Ê

Who has scored the most playoff goals in Chicago Blackhawk history?

Bobby Hull

Fastest premiership player to 100 goals?

Alan Shearer the England striker scored goals in 124 matches and his 100th against tottenham