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Tim Hudson is a starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. His fastest pitch is the four seam fastball which he can throw at 93 mph.

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Q: What was the fastest pitch Tim Hudson pitch?
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What is Tim Hudson's birthday?

Tim Hudson was born on July 14, 1975.

When was Tim Hudson born?

Tim Hudson was born on July 14, 1975.

How tall is Tim Hudson?

MLB player Tim Hudson is 6'-01''.

What is the birth name of Lord Tim Hudson?

Lord Tim Hudson's birth name is George Timothy Hudson.

Where was Tim Hudson born?

MLB player Tim Hudson was born in Columbus, GA.

Does Tim Hudson bat right or left?

MLB player Tim Hudson bats right.

Does Tim Hudson throw right or left?

MLB player Tim Hudson throws right.

How much does Tim Hudson weigh?

MLB player Tim Hudson weighs 174 pounds.

What MLB team does Tim Hudson play for?

Tim Hudson plays for the San Fancisco Giants.

What position does Tim Hudson play?

Tim Hudson is a starting pitcher for the San Fancisco Giants.

How old is Tim Hudson?

Tim Hudson is 36 years old (birthdate: July 14, 1975).

How much money does Tim Hudson make?

MLB player Tim Hudson made $11000000 in the 2014 season.

When and where was baseball player Tim Hudson born?

Tim Hudson was born July 14, 1975, in Columbus, GA, USA.

When was Lord Tim Hudson born?

Lord Tim Hudson was born on February 11, 1940, in Prestbury, Cheshire, England, UK.

Which of these major league baseball pitchers had the lower era in the 2003 regular season Jason Davis Tim Hudson woody Williams or seth mcclung?

Tim Hudson -------------------------------- Jason Davis - 4.68 Tim Hudson - 2.70 Woody Williams - 3.88 Seth McClung - 5.35

What are baseball player Tim Hudson's physical stats?

Tim Hudson is 6 feet 1 inches tall. He weighs 175 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What was Tim Hudson's uniform number when he played for the San Francisco Giants?

Tim Hudson wore No. 17 when he played for the San Francisco Giants during the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown at Fenway Park?

The fastest pitch thrown at Fenway Park was 108 mph.

What is the fastest underhand pitch?

The fastest ever recored softball pitch is 95. By a 18 year old in Texas!!

What is the fastest fastpitch pitch ever thrown by a girl?

the fastest pitch ever recorded was 93.2 in the 1996 olimpics!!!

What was the name of Lord Hudson's playhouse?

Lord Tim Hudson was a disc jockey in the 1960's and didn't have a playhouse.

What types of pitches does Tim Hudson throw?

Fastball, curve, slider

Fastest little league pitch?

The fastest Little league pitch was 90 MPH. A twelve year old by threw this pitch. His name is Tanner Beebe.

What was the fastest car from 1951 1960?

To the best of my recollection the Hudson Hornet was the fastest stock vehicle in the mid 50's

In baseball what type of pitch is the fastest?

The fastball.