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I scored 3 in 15 seconds in nhl 09 today i think i have the record ;) (y) but its 21 seconds

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โˆ™ 2011-03-14 02:42:05
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Q: What was the fastest hat trick ever scored in NHL?
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What is the fastest an nhl player scored a hat trick and who was it?

The player who holds the record for the fastest hat trick is Bill Mosienko who scored a hat trick in 21 seconds.

Who scored fastest NHL hat trick by games?

Henrik Sedin of the Canucks

Who scored the fastest career NHL hat trick by games?

Bill Mosienko

What was the fastest six goals ever scored in the NHL?

2 seconds

What person scored the fastests 3 goals in the NHL?

Bill Mosienko scored the fastest 3 goals in the NHL.

What NHL team scored the first hat trick?


Who scored the 1st hat trick in the NHL?

Nicolas flanders

What is the nhl record for fastest 3 goals that were scored after the start of the game?

Bill Mosienko scored a hat trick in 21 seconds with Chicago blackhawks to spark a 6-5 victory

Who scored the fastest nhl goal in playoffs?

Don Kozak

What Calgary Flames defenseman has scored a hat trick in the nhl?

I know at least Brad Stuart has scored a hat trick, I believe against the Wild...

How many rookies have scored a hat trick in their first nhl game?


Who scored the fastest 3 goals in the NHL?

47 sec. but i don't know who it was.

Which NHL player scored 50 goals the fastest in one season?

Wayne Gretzky

Which NHL player scored 70 goals the fastest in one season?

Wyane Gretzky

Who scored the fastest 3 goals in NHL?

george w bush on 3 kicks

Has anyone ever scored a hat trick in their NHL rookie debut?

Apparently there have four. The most recent and the only one I'm sue about is NYR Derek Stepan.

What is the fastest shot ever in NHL history?

The fastest ever recorded NHL show was by Zdeno Chara. At the 2009 All Star Game, his shot was recorded at 105.4 MPH (169.7KMH)

Has a hockey player ever scored a goal in every game for the season?

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

What player scored the fastest 3 goals in a NHL game?

Alexander ovechkin 3 goals in 4 minutes

Has anyone ever scored 70 goals in an NHL game?

no but i did in NHL 2K10 323 - 1 Washington over Florida

What team scored the fastest 2 goals in the NHL?

I dont know about the fastest two goals ever in the NHL, but Pittsburgh scored two goals 8 seconds apart in period 1 of game 7 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Washington Capitals. Goal 1 - 12:36 Sidney Crosby Goal 2 - 12:44 Craig Adams

What is the most goals ever scored in one NHL game?

I believe the record is 7

What is the fastest slapshot ever in the NHL?

The fastest slapshot in the NHL All-Star game was 107.2 mph by Chara The hardest slapshot on record is by Bobby Hull at 118.3 mph

What is the fastest goal scored in the premiership?

Premiership? Are you sure this is an ice hockey question? The NHL doesn't use the term "premiership".

Who scored the first NHL goal?

Dave Ritchie scored the first NHL goal.