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254ft. world record

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2012-04-20 14:20:11
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Q: What was the farthest a tennis ball was thrown?
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What is the furthest someone has thrown a tennis ball?

the furthest anyone has ever thrown a tennis ball is 17 miles by daniel hannavitch in 1978

What ball can be thrown the farthest a baseball football or tennisball?


What ball is thrown farthest football baseball basketball?


Which ball can be thrown farther a golf ball or tennis ball?

A golf ball is heavier and has better aerodynamic qualities, therefore it could be thrown further than a tennis ball, which is too light.

Which will go higher when thrown straight up a regulation tennis ball or a golf ball?

probobly the tennis ball because it is lighter

Which ball baseball football softball or golf ball will go the farthest when thrown?

golf ball, most aerodynamic

What can be thrown the farthest a tennis ball or a baseball?

Because of its weight and density, it's clear that the air-filled tennis ball cannot be thrown anywhere near the distance of a baseball. This is even more so in modern day baseball which is super-hard, and designed that way, some people say to allow for more home runs.

How is maths used in lawn tennis?

to find angle at which the ball is to be thrown.

What is the farthest a girl has thrown a ball?

6 feet 3 inches, and what a great toss it was.

Which ball goes the farthest among table tennis ball .. golf ball .. tennis ball .. football .. or a squash ball?

Depends upon how much force is given when hit, kicked or thrown. The table tennis ball however has no mass to it at all, so it would travel the least distance no matter how much force was given at point of launch. A Golf ball can travel some 350 yards with the right angle and pro golfer.

If a tennis ball is thrown in the air where would the greatest kinetic energy be?

If a tennis ball is thrown up in the air, the lowest point in the flight is where the greatest kinetic energy would be. This is because of the conservation of energy.

The event in which a heavy ball tied with a chain is thrown?

The event in which a heavy ball tied with a chain is thrown is called the hammer throw. The winner is the person who tosses the hammer the farthest.

In table tennis how high can the ball be thrown from a serve?

As high as desired. It can't touch the ceiling however. The minimum height that a ball can be thrown for a serve is 6 inches according to the ITTF rules.

What ball will roll the fastest a basketball or a tennis ball?

If thrown at the same speed, a basketball. A basketball is heavier and will have momentum going with it while a tennis ball will have little momentum. A basketball will roll faster than most balls.

Which ball would travel the farthest when you throw it A football basketball tennis ball soccer ball or a softball?

i think a football travels faster because you can throw a spiral and that goes faser

What golf ball goes the farthest?

a golf ball goes the farthest

Can a keeper pick up the ball if its thrown in?

If the ball was thrown-in by a teammate, no. If the ball was thrown-in by an opponent, yes.

What is the farthest object ever thrown?

a boomerang

What is bigger a Golf ball or a Tennis ball?

A tennis ball.

What is the reason old ball travell faster then new ball thrown in the air with same speed and velocity?

If it's a ball like a tennis ball, an old ball would be smoother and would have less drag.

What if Child is hit in head with ball?

1. age of the child 2. type of ball thrown (hardball, tennis ball, etc) 3. distance range that the ball was thrown 4. age of chid that threw the ball 5. location upon the head the ball hit 6. symptoms of the child after being hit by the ball

What weighs more a tennis ball or a golf ball?

a golf ball weighs more than a tennis ball

Which brand soccer ball will travel the farthest when kicked?

THE Adidas ball will go the farthest.

Which ball can bounce the highest a basketballbaseballor a tennis ball?

a tennis ball

Which is faster baseball tennis ball or a cricket ball?

Tennis ball