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The Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Boston Americans, 7-3, on 1903 October 1.

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Q: What was the date of the first World Series baseball game?
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What is the date of the 2008 World Series of baseball?

Game 1 of the 2008 World Series is scheduled to take place on October 22.

What month and date of the major league baseball World Series since 1950?


What date did the dodgers win their first world series?

october 1955

What date did the phillies win the World Series in 1980?

The Phillies won Their first World Series title on October 21, 1980.

What was the date of the 1948 World Series?

The first game of the 1948 World Series was October 6 and the 6th and final game was October 11.

What was the date when the Philies won there first world series?

On October 21, 1980 the Phillies defeated the Kansas City Royals in Game 6 to win the 1980 World Series, their first ever.

What was the first star date from the original series first episode?

The star date given in the first regular series episode of Star Trek is 1312.4

What date did the Los Angeles Dodgers win their first World Series?

October 20th 1988 On 1959 October 8, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Chicago White Sox, 9 to 3, to win their first World Series. The Brooklyn Dodgers had won a World Series (their first) four years earlier.

What is the date of the first World Series and who played?

The First World SeriesThe First World Series was played in 1903. The Boston Americans (Red Sox) beat the Pittsburgh Pirates five games to three. Game one was played on October 1, 1903 at Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds as Boston of the American League was the home team. The National League games were played at Exposition Park III in Pittsburgh. Game 8, the last game of the series was played in Boston on October 13.

What date did the World Series start in 1991?

Game 1 of the 1991 World Series was played on October 19.

On what date does the World Series begin this year?

The World Series Starts in October after the playoffs are finished.