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There were a lot of reasons the Bolshevik Revolution broke out. Some of these were:

The determination, skills and organisation of Lenin and the Bolsheviks;

-They played no part in the March Revolution-Their leaders were in exile

-They had little influence on the Petrograd Soviet in March 1917

-Lenin's 'April Thesis'-calling for a Workers Revolution

-Popular slogans 'Peace, Bread & Land' and 'All Power to the Soviets'

-The July Days/Rising

-The Kornilov Affair

-Domination of Petrograd Soviet by November 1917-Trotsky was now Chairman

-Lenin's decision to seize power in November 1917

-Bolshevik seizure of power in Nov. 6th/7th 1917-Brilliant organisation by Leon Trotsky

-Gunship 'Aurora'

-First Communist Government in World led by Lenin

Luck/Fortune for the Bolsheviks;

-Conditions of chaos/Misery throughout 1917

-The discontent of the Army Workers and Peasants

-The Kornilov Affair

-Mistakes of Provisional Government

There are obviously a lot of causes, but personally, I think that the weaknesses and the mistakes of the Provisional Government was the most important factor. You might think that another factor is more important, but it's entirely your opinion.

Hope this helps!! :)

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Q: What was the cause of the Bolshevik Revolution?
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