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It was a 9-0 win for hungry over Romania.

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Q: What was the biggest victory in world cup finals history?
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Which is the biggest victory margin in the history of Field Hockey?

In the 1932 Olympic at Los Angeles, India beat USA by a huge margin of 24-1 and this is a world record of biggest victory margin in the history of Field Hockey.

What is the biggest sports tournament in the world?

the FIFA World Cup finals - approximately 1300 players, 64 teams and the largest live viewership in the world

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Team made history by reaching the quarter finals of the World Cup?

It was Ukraine in the the 2006 world cup. as they are the only team in the world cup history , to loose their first game to Spain 4-0 , and then still reach the quarter finals. Thanks to goals from Shevchenko.

Biggest war in history?

world war 1

In which finals was a french player sent off for the first time on the world cup history?


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In the entire history of the world... I would have to go with the Roman Empire.

How many goals did roger milla scored in the world cup?

Roger Milla scored 5 times in the Finals - 4 in 1990, and 1 in 1994. He is the oldest goalscorer in World Cup Finals history.

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What is the biggest victory for the England football team?

The English soccer team won the World Cup in 1966.

What is the history of China?

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and has the biggest population in the world.

In which finals was a French player sent off for the first time in world cup history?

1958 ya baby

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