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Newton Heath

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Q: What was the Name before it was Manchester United?
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What year did Manchester United get there name?

1902 they changed their name to Manchester united , before this they were known as newton heath

Who was Manchester united manager before Ron Atkinson?

who was manchester united football club manager before Ron Atkinson

When did Manchester United get its current name?

Manchester United was originally known as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, and changed its name to Manchester United in 1902.

What is the nick name of Manchester United?

Manchester United's nickname is "The Red Devils".

Has David Beckham played for Manchester united?

Yes David Beckham has played for Manchester united before

What was the name of the club against which Manchester United had played right before the crash?

Red Star Belgrade

What club did Christiano Ronaldo play in before joining Manchester united?

Cristiano Ronaldo played for Sporting CP before he was bought by Manchester United.

What is manchester united's nick name?

Manchester United are well known as the Red Devils.

How old is Manchester United?

Manchester United was formed in 1878 under the name Newton Heath L&YR F.C. It was then changed to Manchester United on 26 April 1902.

What is Manchester united before they were a sport?

newton heath

Manchester United in Spanish?

You are going to have to rephrase your question, it doesn't really make any sense but if you are asking what Manchester United is in the Spanish language then it is still Manchester United because it is a name

What team did Darren Gibson play for before he went to Manchester united?

He's been playing at Manchester United all through his youth career and hasn't played for a professional club before United.