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Q: What was the NFL league minimum salary in 1965?
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What was the league minimum salary for NFL in 1976?

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What was the league minimum salary for the NFL in the 1980's?


What is the league minimum salary for 2009 NFL rookies?


What is the league minimum salary for the NFL in 2010?

$325,000 for a rookie.

What is the minimum salary in the arena football league?

As of Jan 2007, $28,000 is the rookie league minimum. With that being said, the average AFL salary is approximately $85,000. This is much lees than the average NFL player and comparable to the NFL's rookie league minimum.

What was the minimum salary for a NFL player in 1976?

The salary minimum for a division I NFL football team was $2,000, the salary cap was $45,000

What is the salary range for an NFL player?

The Rookies The minimum salary for an NFL rookie in 2009 is $310,000. The Veterans After the first year, the minimum annual salary is $400,000. Team Salaries They were fifth in the league in total payroll with salaries totaling more than $128 million. The NFL Salary Cap In 2009 the salary cap is $127 million.

How many years does an nfl player have to play to get the league minimum?

The minimum salary in the NFL is decided by how many years the player has played in the league. For the 2010 season, the minimum salary for rookies was $320,000. One year players minimum was $395,000, two year players minimum was $470,000, and three year players minimum was $545,000. For players that had 4-6 years in the league the minimum was $630,000. For players with 7-9 years in the league the minimum was $755,000 and for those players with 10 or more years the minimum was $855,000.

What is the NFL league minimum salary for 2002?

$225,000. In a 2-yr contract, the second year (2003) would be worth a minimum of $300,000.

Minimum salary for nfl players?


What is the average rookie NFL salary?

The minimum salary for 2010 for a rookie in the NFL is $325,000 per year.

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