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Mickey used a few different gloves early in his career. He basically used a Rawlings Baseball gloves. He started with the HH model (Harvey Haddix) before Rawlings signed him to a contract. Rawlings HH and HSP models were issued to many outfielders at the time. The first MM (Mickey Mantle) model was designed after the HH model. Over the years the gloves were slightly altered to Mantles liking. Models include MMP, and XPG6 gloves. Later in his career when he moved to first base he used a Spalding model glove.

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Q: What was the Model and Make of Mickey Mantle's baseball glove?
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How much is a Mickey Mantle glove worth?

Vintage GJ99 Mickey Mantle Youth Glove- $9.99 Vintage Mickey Mantle HOH USA Baseball Glove Rawlings MMP- $295 GJ99 and 1050 Rawlings gloves- $8.99 (together) XPG6 Heart of the Hide Personal Model Rawlings Glove- $93

How can you find out what model glove Mickey Mantle wore during his 1956 season?

Mickey might have used a few different gloves during the 1956 season. There is a discussion going on among "Glove experts" about a "Game used" glove on eBay that is a Rawlings Mickey Mantle model MM. It is believed that it is unlikely he used this model during the 1954-1956 seasons, rather he might have wore Rawlings HH and HSP models as issued to many outfielders at the time.At the baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown a glove used by Mickey Mantle during Don Larsen's perfect World Series game in 1956 is on display. This is a Rawlings Model HH.I will leave a link picturing the glove along with a link to the Vintage baseball glove forum that is discussing the 1956 era game used Mantle glove. This forum is also a good source to find info on baseball gloves in general.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle printed autographed baseball glove?

Mickey Mantle Stands at the top of the Baseball collecting world. One of the most highly collected ballplayers, Mickey also endorsed 1000s of Items. Baseball Bats alone, I have over 100 different Mickey Mantle Store model bats and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Mickey Mantle endorsed youth baseball gloves sell between $50.00 and $100.00 in excellent to near min condition. Adult, and professional model gloves can sell between $100.00 and $200.00. If you have the original Box the Glove came in, with the glove you can get over $1,000.00 easy. Of cause there are a number of factors that will determine the value of the glove. Model, Year issued, and condition the most important. Most common flaws with Gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, Dry or cracking leather, ripped Manufacturer label on back, printing on glove worn out, and the person who owned the glove name written on it. Advertisements for the Glove found in vintage magazines are a great way of dating the glove. It will also increase the value, putting the ad together with the glove. I will leave a couple of links below to help find a value for your glove.

What is a Mickey Mantle signed baseball glove worth?

A Mickey Mantle signed baseball glove is worth about $500.-$1,200. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based condition of the glove, glove model, placement, and condition of the signature, how well the glove displays the signature, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Mickey Mantle was under contact with the Upper Deck company before he passed away. A Mickey Mantle signed glove in near/mint condition authenticated by Upper Deck could sell in the $1,500. -$2,000. price range. In a recent auction (March 2008) a Mickey Mantle youth model glove signed on the outside webbing sold for $478. Another auction (Dec. 2007) a Mickey Mantle signed (outside finger) Rawlings MM6 glove sold for $1,075.

Which Hollywood celebrity bought Mickey Mantle's baseball glove?

Billy Crystal paid $239,000. for a 1960 Mickey Mantle glove at a Sotheby's auction in 1999.

How many different Rawlings baseball gloves had the Mickey Mantle facsimile signature on them?

Mickey Mantle was "a member of the Rawlings Advisory Staff" which basically means he endorsed a lot of baseball gloves for Rawlings. The exact number of baseball glove models Mantle endorsed for Rawlings might be difficult to find. Mantle endorsed Fielders gloves, first base, and catchers mitts, but I'm not sure if the later was a Rawlings glove endorsement. Below I will keep a running list of Mickey Mantle endorsed baseball gloves, including MM1 adult model to MM9 youth models. See Related Links below for more information, and pictures of Mickey Mantle Rawlings gloves, and advertising.Mickey Mantle endorsed signature model baseball Gloves: * Autograph Model MM1 * Autograph Model MM2 * Autograph Model MM3 * Autograph Model MM4 * Professional Model MM2 * Professional Model MM5 * Professional Model MM6 "The Comet" * Professional Model MM8 * Triple Crown Winner MM9 * 60-4241 * Personal Model MM * MMP "Heart of the Hide" * XPG6 "Heart of the Hide" * XPG 20 Autograph Model * XPG 26 Autograph Model * BSMM * Big Leaguer (Youth Glove) * XPG3 Fastback * GJ89 Fastback * XFG1 Fastback * Trap-eze TJ35 * GJ 99 (Youth Glove) * XFB 19 First Basemans Mitt * AMC 42 * LB10

How can you determine what model Hutch baseball glove you own?


What was the prestigious baseball award that Mickey Mantle won during the 1956 baseball season?

Golden Glove Award

What is the value of a mickey glove and sign picture that came with glove?

Mickey who? Vernon? Hatcher? Mantle? Rivers?

What years did Cal Abrams have a baseball glove made in his name?

Nokona put out the Cal Abrams model G50 baseball glove in the early 1950s.

How many Gold Glove awards did Mickey Mantle win?

Mickey Mantle won his only Gold Glove award in 1962.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle Glove Model MMF from Rawlings?

The Rawlings MMF Mickey Mantle Fastback baseball glove is a mid ranged priced glove. In very good condition they sell for about $50.- $60. and $100.-$150. in excellent to near/mint condition. As with all collectibles condition is most important on the value providing that the item is authentic.Common flaws with Gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, Dry or cracking leather, ripped or missing manufacturer label, worn printing/player endorsement on the glove, and the name of the owner of the glove hand written on it. All or any will effect the value.The MMF Mickey Mantle Fastback baseball glove sold for $16.95 in 1968 as shown in the advertising at the link I left below. Advertisments like this are a great way of dating your memorabilia. They are also great to display with the glove, and might add value when selling the glove. I will also leave a link for further information on other Mickey Mantle baseball gloves.

You are looking for the value of Hutch Model 36 Carl Furillo model baseball glove in excellent shape?


What brand of baseball glove was Willie Mays wearing when he made the famous over the shoulder catch?

Rawlings HH model or Harvey Haddix. The glove now resides in the Baseball HOF.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle MM9 baseball glove?

The Rawlings Mickey Mantle "Triple Crown Winner" MM9 pro design, Youth size glove is worth about $35.-$50. in excellent- near/mint condition. A glove in mint condition could sell for more. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, dry or cracking leather, ripped manufacturer label on back, worn printing on glove, and owners name hand written on it. any of these flaws will lower the value on the glove. See Releated Links below, for picture, and more information.

What model of baseball glove did ozzie smith use?

Ozzie used a Rawlings XPG 12

What brand of baseball glove does Alex Rodriguez use?

Rawlings brand. Model: PRO-RV23

What is a baseball glove?

A baseball glove protect your body and assist players in catching and fielding balls hit by batters.

What is the rawlings baseball glove made from?

It depends on the model you buy but all higher end models are leather.

How much would a 1941 jc Higgins baseball glove worth?

1941 JC Higgins baseball gloveThe bulk of the value on a collectible baseball glove relies on the player endorsement. Without a player's name on it the value will rely on vintage baseball glove features such as the style of the web or if it is from 1941 a spit finger (no laces between the fingers) but if the glove is a common model it will have a low collectors value. Condition is a major factor as well.

What brand and model baseball glove does Mark Texeria use?

Probably Rawlings. I got a Rawlings glove and i hate it i've had it for three months and it still isn't broken in. I HATE IT

What is the value of a 1941 Wilson baseball glove worth?

1941 Wilson GloveYou did not mention the model of the glove, and if it had a player endorsement. The bulk of the value of a collectible glove relies on the player that endorsed it. Without one it will have a low collectors value, and rely on vintage baseball glove features, web style etc. Most likely the glove being from 1941 it is a split finger, and would sell below $30.

What is the value of a baseball with a stamped signature of Mickey Mantle?

Mickey Mantle Stamped signature baseballs could sell between $50. -$200. depending on the origin of the baseball. a 1950's salesman sample Rawlings baseball, with stamped autographs of other players could sell in the $25 - $50. A promotional baseball with a stamped Mickey Mantle signature such as one offered by Rawlings in the 1950's for $1.45 with a purchase of a Glove could sell as high as $200. with original packing.

What is the value of a Ron Santo baseball glove?

In general a Ron Santo glove is worth about $30.-$90. in excellent - near/mint condition. Value will vary based on the Glove manufacturer, model, size, age, and condition. Youth model gloves will sell for less. Mint condition glove could sell for more. Common flaws with baseball gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, Dry or cracking leather, ripped manufacturer label on back, printing on glove worn out, and the person who owned the glove, name on it. All or any flaws could bring the price down significantly. In a recent auction a Ron Santo Wilson A2045 baseball glove in excellent-Near/mint condition sold for $66.00. I will leave a link below for more information on baseball glove dating, and glove grading guides.

Is Mickey Mouse glove clothing gang related?

No. Mickey Mouse's clothing has absolutely nothing to do with gangs or their clothing styles.

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