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The 1960 Denver Broncos compiled a record of 4 wins, 9 losses and one tie.

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Q: What was the Denver Broncos record in their first season?
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First head coach Denver Broncos what year?

The Broncos' first year of play was 1960 and their head coach was Frank Filchock. They ended the 1960 season with a 4-9-1 record.

First Denver Broncos Super Bowl appearance?

Super Bowl XII, 1977 Season, played on January 15, 1978 Dallas Cowboys 27 Denver Broncos 10

What is the Broncos record overall against the Chargers?

As of the first meeting during the 2008 season (Denver 39, San Diego 38 on 9/14/2008), the Broncos lead the all time series 53-43-1.

Who played quarterback for Denver Broncos in 2003 payoff game?

Jake Plummer ... it was his first season with the team.

When did Tim Tebow join the NFL?

Tim Tebow's first season in the NFL was 2010 with the Denver Broncos.

Who was the first Denver Broncos Field Goal Kicker?

The kicker for the 1960 Denver Broncos was Gene Mingo.

When was the Denver Broncos first win?


Who was first head coach for Denver Broncos?

Frank Filchock.Filchock was the head coach for the Broncos in their first two seasons (1960 and 1961). His record those two seasons was 7-20-1.

Who scored the first touchdown in the old American Football League?

In the regular season, Al Carmichael. The first TD in AFL regular season history was a 59 yard pass from Denver Broncos QB Frank Tripucka to halfback Al Carmichael in the second quarter of the first ever regular season game between the Denver Broncos and the Boston Patriots played September 9, 1960. The Broncos won 13-10.

Who did the Denver Broncos play in their first Super Bowl?

In the 1977 season the Broncos attended Super Bowl XII and played the Dallas Cowboys but lost by a score of 27-10.

Who was Denver Broncos first quarterback?

Frank Tripuka

Who was the first QB for the Denver Broncos?

Frank Tripuka

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