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The All-Ireland senior Hurling Final in 2006 was played on Sunday, September 3rd.

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Q: What was the Date of all Ireland hurling final 2006?
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What date is the GAA finals?

There are many finals that the GAA organise throughout the year. The two main ones are the All-Ireland Hurling Final, which is played on the first Sunday of September and the All-Ireland Hurling Final which is played on the third Sunday of September.

What date was the Limerick and Kilkenny semi final on?

The last time Limerick and Kilkenny met in an All-Ireland Senior Hurling Semi-final was on Sunday the 10th of August 2014 .

What date was the all Ireland football final played in 1916?

December 7th.

What date was the all Ireland football final held in 2011?

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What date did Donegal and Offaly play the all Ireland semi final football 1972 August?

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What day is the GAA senior football final?

The All-Ireland Senior Football Final is played on the third Sunday of September each year, so the date changes from year to year.

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