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The Colts 2005 regular season record was 14-2. They won the first 13 games of that season before losing to the Chargers in Week 14.

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Q: What was the Colts 2005 season record before playoffs?
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What is the Indianapolis Colts 2007 season record?

13-3 in the regular season, 0-1 in the playoffs.

What was the colts record in 1996?

9-7 in the regular season, 0-1 in the playoffs.

What is Indianapolis Colts record?

441-390-7 in the regular season, 19-19 in the playoffs.

What is the record for Indianapolis Colts?

441-390-7 in regular season 19-19 in playoffs.

How many times have the Colts played the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Through 2012, including the playoffs, the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts have played the Steelers 25 times in their history.The Colts have a 6-14 regular season record versus the Steelers and an 0-5 record in the playoffs.

What is the colts consecutive playoff appearances?

The 2009 season is the 8th consecutive season the Colts have made the playoffs. They last missed the playoffs in 2001.

What was the colts record last season?

The Colts' record in the 2006 season was 12-4.

When did Jim mora stop coaching the colts?

Jim Mora was fired after the 2001 season. He was head coach of the Colts for four seasons (1998-2001) and compiled a record of 32-32, making the playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!?!?!) twice.

What is record between colts pats in last 8 meetings including playoffs?

5-3 Colts

What is the colts current record?

The Colts finished the 2007 season with a record of 13-3.

What will be the Indianapolis Colts record in 2010?

12-4, 1-1 in the playoffs.

When was the last time the Ravens went to playoffs?

== == As of the 2007 season, the Ravens last appearance in the playoffs was the 2006 season. They lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the divisional playoffs 15-6.

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