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Q: What was the 1982-1983 76ERs team roster?
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When did the 76ers become a team?


What team is Allen Iverson on?

Philadelphia 76ers

What basketball team is Philadelphia?

Philadelphia 76ers

Is the lamest basketball team?

Philadelphia 76ers

Who is the oldest team in the NBA?

The oldest NBA team is the Philadelphia 76ers. The Philadelphia 76ers were founded in 1939 and has won 3 NBA championships.

Who is the team captain for the 76ers in 2012?

Jrue Holiday

What team does jody meeks play for?

the Philadelphia 76ers

What the best team in the NBA?

76ers or miami heat

When did the philadelphia 76ers become a team?

The Philadelphia 76ers were founded in 1946. The team colors are blue, red, and white, and they play their home games at the Wells Fargo Center.

Where can you find the 1978 football team roster for University of Missouri?

Click on the '1978 Missouri Football Roster' link below to see the roster of the team.

What is bow wow's favorite basketball team?

Philadelphia 76ers

What team in nba got Samuel dalembert?

the pheldilphea 76ers

What team does Andrew Bynum play for in the nba?

The Philadelphia 76ers.

Roster size of a afl team?

20-man active roster with a 4-man inactive roster.

Which team holds the NBA record for most assists per game in a season?

The 2000 Philedelphia 76ers The 2000 Philedelphia 76ers

How do you use a created player in NBA 2K9?

You have to go into "Manage Roster" and go one team to the left of the 76ers into the Free Agent Pool select your created player and sign him to a team. Then you have to go to "Rotations" and go to the team you have put your player on and select your player and switch him 3 or 4 spots up.

What team won the NBA World Championship in 1965?

The Philadelphia 76ers

Who was the first nba team to win a championship ring?

Philadelphia 76ers

How do you create a team roster in Madden NFL 07?

When you create a team, Madden NFL 07 Lets you pick a real NFL Roster to be on your Created team or you can create players by going to roster and create player

What was the roster of the 1964 auburn university football team?

aurn football roster 1964

What was the roster of the 1968 USC football team?

complete roster here:

NBA team worst record 1973?

That was the Philadelphia 76ers at 9-73.

What is the team of Allen Iverson today?

he signed with the 76ers again last year

What team does Nerlens Noel play for?

Nerlens Noel plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.

What team does Joel Embiid play for?

Joel Embiid plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.