What was steven gerrad first football club?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: What was steven gerrad first football club?
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Who is steven gerrad?

Steven Gerrad is an english premier league soccer player who plays for Liverpool Football Club.

Gerrad plays for which football club?


What was steven gerrards first football team?

really his first club was liverpool and his only club

What are some players on the Liverpool Football Club?

Steven Gerrard, Ferando Torres, Martin Skertal, Lucas, Pepe Reina, Glen Johnson, David Nnog, Ryan Babel, Poulsen, some dude with long hair, Dirk Kuyt, Shelvey, Martin, Pachenco.

Is steven gerrad leaving this summer?

As Rafael benitez is on his way out of Liverpool, he to may move on for a champion league club.

Which football club did Steven Pienaar play for?


Where does steven Gerrard train?

Steven Gerrard trains at Liverpool Football Club's Melwood Training Ground

Who is number 22 in the collingwood football club?

Steven Martely, born 1983

What was Steven Gerrard's first club?


Does Steven Gerrard play for Liverpool Football Club?

Yes.He has played there for the entirety of his career.

Who is the best footballer in the Liverpool football club?

Either Luis Suarez or Steven Gerrard.

Who is the all time goal scorer in English football for one club?

Steven Ryder.