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Q: What was official baseball in the MLB in 1969?
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What year were the official rules of MLB baseball made?


How much do baseball hats cost?

About $20 for an official MLB hat and around $15 for a none official hat.

Where can one purhcase Major League Baseball baseball hats?

One can purchase MLB baseball hats for every major league team through the MLB shop on their official website. MLB baseball hats can also be purchased from both Amazon and Ebay.

Weight in ounces of a baseball?

By regulation, the weight of an official Major League Baseball (MLB) baseball is between 5 and 5.25 ounces.

2008 official major league baseball rules and regulations?

Click on the 'MLB Rules' link below to access the MLB Rule book from

What are the release dates for 1969 MLB All-Star Game - 1969 TV?

1969 MLB All-Star Game - 1969 TV was released on: USA: 23 July 1969

How many pounds does a baseball weigh?

An official baseball weighs 5 ounces That answer is in ounces when you asked for pounds an official MLB baseball weighs in at 0.3125 pounds, so not even a pound. Go Red Sox!

When did the New York Yankees become an official Major League Baseball team?

The Yankees became an official MLB team in 1901, they were then known as the Baltimore Orioles.

What does MLB mean in baseball?

MLB = Major League Baseball :)

What is the official water of MLB?


Where can you fine that ruling?

You can find any ruling in the Official MLB Rules. These rules are available for download at the official MLB website.

Which company manufactures official baseball caps for the Major League Baseball?

New Era Cap Company is the official baseball cap that is worn by all MLB teams. The company was founded in 1920 by a German immigrant named Ehrhardt Koch.

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