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Mike Schmidt played his entire 18 year career with the Philadelphia Phillies from 1972 - 1989.

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Q: What was mike schmidt first number with the phillies?
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What was mike schmidt's number?

Mike Schmidt's number was #20. He was one of the best Baseball players of all time.

What phila phillies players wore number 45?

Tug McGraw is one

How many home runs did Mike Schmidt hit for the Philadelphia Phillies?

Mike Schmidt played his entire career for the Philadelphia Phillies, he hit a total of 548 home runs.

Who had the most hits for phillies in 1980's?

Mike Schmidt

Who has the most career hits in phillies history?

Mike Schmidt with 2234.

How many Walk off home run mike schmidt?

Mike Schmidt hit 12 walk-off home runs in his career with the Philadelphia Phillies.

What phillies player scored 48 home runs?

Mike Schmidt and Ryan Howard

Who hit over 500 home runs at a phillies third baseman?

Mike Schmidt.

What position did Mike Schmidt play?

Mike Schmidt was a third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies. Mike occasionally played other positions as well. Mike played 2212 games at 3B, 157 games at 1B, 24 games at SS, and 6 games at 2B.

What is Mike Adams's number on the Philadelphia Phillies?

Mike Adams is number 37 on the Philadelphia Phillies.

What Phillies player is career leader for RBIs?

Mike Schmidt. Schmidt holds the Phillies career RBI record with 1,595. Ed Delahanty is second with 1,286 and Del Ennis is third with 1,124.

Who is the All-Time leader in home runs for the Philadelphia Phillies?

Mike Schmidt with 548 HR's