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Mike Schmidt played his entire career for the Philadelphia Phillies, he hit a total of 548 home runs.

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Q: How many home runs did Mike Schmidt hit for the Philadelphia Phillies?
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Who is the All-Time leader in home runs for the Philadelphia Phillies?

Mike Schmidt with 548 HR's

How many home runs does Michael Schmidt have?

Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies hit 548 home runs during his career, which places him 15th on the all-time list.

Who is the all time home run leader for the Philadelphia Phillies?

That is Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt with 548 HRs as a Phillie.

Who led the National League in home runs in the eighties?

Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Mike Schmidt hit 313 home runs in the decade of the 1980s.

Who hit over 500 home runs at a phillies third baseman?

Mike Schmidt.

What phillies player scored 48 home runs?

Mike Schmidt and Ryan Howard

What 2 players hit 300 home runs in 1980s?

Mike Schmidt of the Phillies with 314 and Dale Murphy of the Braves with 308.

In 1976 who hit 4 home runs against the Chicago Cubs?

Mike Schmidt- from the Philadelphia Phillies, did it April 17th 1976 against the Chicago Cubs both teams combined for a staggering thirty-four runs in this slugfest which featured nine home runs including four consecutive long balls by Mike Schmidt. The Phillies ended up winning the game 18-16 after being down by 11 runs.

How many home runs did Mike Schmidt hit in his career?

Mike Schmidt hit 548 home runs in his career.

Who are the top five Philadelphia Phillies home run hitters?

1. Mike Schmidt: 548 home runs2.Ryan Howard 2863.Del Ennis: 259 home runs4.Pat Burrell: 251 home runs5.Chuck Klein: 243 home runsRenee.R 545 home runs

How many home runs did Mike Schmidt have at the end of his career?

Mike Schmidt ended his career with a total of 548 regular season home runs.

Where do the phillies play their home baseball games?

Since 2004, the Philadelphia Phillies have played their home games at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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