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Q: What was mark priors salary with the padres?
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What was Mark Teixeira's salary for 2011?

Mark Teixeira's salary for 2011 was $23,125,000.

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Alot ,

What is Mark Zuckerberg's salary?

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What is the average salary of a MLB baseball player for the San Diego Padres?

As of the 2014 season, the average height of a San Diego Padres player is 6'-01''.

What is the team salary for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The San Diego Padres's 2014 team salary is $86255096, 22nd in the MLB.

How much money does Mark Teixeira make?

Mark Teixeira's salary in 2010 was $20,625,000.

How much money does mark suppelsa make?

What is Mark Suppelsa ' s salary

Who did the Milwaukee Brewers trade to the Padres?

Gary Sheffield in '92 and Mark Kotsay in '08.