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Q: What was kobe bryant parents like when he was born?
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'What does Kobe Bryant like to do'?

Kobe Bryant likes to play basket ball

What shoe does Kobe Bryant like?


What is the name of kobies moms name?

if by kobie you mean Kobe, like Kobe Bryant, his mother's name is Pamela Cox Bryant

Why does Kobe Bryant like to be in the nba?

he likes basketball

Does Kobe Bryant like Pakistani people?

No he doesn't.

What is Kobe Bryant's family like?

They are cool and awesome

What does a Kobe Bryant autograph look like?


How fast is Kobe Bryant?

like a bijillion miles and hour

Does Shaquille O'Neal like Kobe Bryant?

no because Kobe caused shaq to get kicked off the lakers

Who well win on a one on one Kobe Bryan are lebron James?

It looks like Kobe Bryant

Does Kobe Bryant like soccer?

Yes, he played as a kid in Italy.

Do you like Kobe Bryant?

He is awesome while doing his plays in the NBA.