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Q: What was david beckhams number when he was on Preston north end?
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What was David Beckham's shirt number at Preston North End?

It was 4

David Beckham education?

he went to preston north end

What Number is Simon whaley for Preston North End FC?

Simon Whaley is number 15 for Preston North End F.C

Where did Manchester United loan david beckham?

Preston North End

Who did David Beckham go on loan to in 1995?

Preston North End.

Which club did david go on loan to while at man united?

Preston North End.

What team did Manchester united loan david beckham to?

Preston North End in the mid 90s.

Who is the owner of Preston North End?

The owner of Preston North End in England is Preston North End plc.

David Beckham Preston North End?

David Beckham once had a brief loan spell at Preston North End whilst at Manchester United, one free- kick that he scored in that period is regarded as one of his 5 favourite goals throughout his career.Hope this helps.

How many goals did David Beckham score for Preston north end?

2 goals in 5 games

What number is Brett ormerod for Preston north end fc?

Brett Ormerod Is Number 17

What number is Matt Hill for Preston North End FC?

Matt hill is number 18