What was chiefs last year record?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: What was chiefs last year record?
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Are the chiefs better than the raiders?

no doubt that the chiefs are better than the raiders because last year the chiefs stomped them

What was the last year the chiefs went to the playoffs?


What is Kansas City Chiefs record in 2008?

The Chiefs' 2-14 record was the worst in franchise history.

Who has a better record the chiefs or the raiders?

Well that's more of an opinion question, but the Chiefs are leading all time in the series with a record of 59-51-2 as of the 2013 season. The Chiefs also lead the playoff record between the two with a record of 2-1.

Are the Kansas City Chiefs doing well even if they lost Tony Gonzalez?

Yes. The Chiefs improved from a 2-14 record to a 4-12 record to a 10-6 record

Who were the last 5 world record holders and what year were they?

me year 1

What is the Kansas City Chiefs franchise win loss record?

Through the 2013 season, the Kansas City Chiefs have a 415-393-12 regular season record and an 8-15 postseason record.

KC Chiefs 2008 record?


What was the KC Chiefs record in 2007?


Who holds the Chiefs record for TD passes in a season?

Through the 2008 season, Len Dawson holds the Chiefs season record for TD passes with 30 in 1964.

What is Joe Montana's win-loss record With the 49'ers and with the Kansas City Chiefs?

Joe Montana started 139 games with the San Francisco 49'ers and 25 games with the Kansas City Chiefs. His record with the 49'ers was 100-39 and his record with the Chiefs was 17-8.

What is the Kansas City Chiefs record this season?