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Bonnie Blair was famous for being the most decorated woman in Olympic history, meaning she won the most Olympic medals out of all the women ! She was a speed-skater, but is now retired .

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Q: What was bonnie Blair famous for?
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Who is bonnie Blair?

bonnie Blair is a speed skater.

When was Bonnie Blair born?

Bonnie Blair was born on March 18, 1964.

What is Bonnie Blair's birthday?

Bonnie Blair was born on March 18, 1964.

How many children does Bonnie Blair have?

Bonnie Blair does not have any children just a brother and sister

Is Bonnie Blair retired?

Yes. Five time Olympic gold medalist Bonnie Blair retired in 1995.

When did bonnie Blair die?


What country is Bonnie Blair from?


How old is Bonnie Blair?

Olympic speed skater Bonnie Blair is 53 years old (birthdate: March 18, 1964).

Who is Bonnie Blairs Daughter?

Blair Cruikshank

Where does bonnie blair live?

Delafield, Wisconsin

How many siblings does Bonnie Blair have?


When did bonnie Blair start skating?

in 1987

Is Bonnie Blair still alive?


Who won the ESPY Award for Best Female Athlete in 1995?

Bonnie Blair - United States - Speedskating Bonnie Blair - United States - Speedskating

How many medals has American speed skater Bonnie Blair won?

Bonnie Blair wom 6 medals: 5 gold and 1 bronze.

What athlete won the most metals?

Bonnie Blair

What is the name of Bonnie Blair's hometown?

Champaign, Illinois.

Did Bonnie Blair die yet?

no as of 2010 November

What gender were bonnie Blair's siblings?

ya mum

Number of silver medals won by bonnie Blair?

In her Olympic career, Bonnie Blair did not win a silver medal. She won 5 gold and 1 bronze.

How many olympic medals has bonnie Blair won?


When and where was Bonnie Blair born?

mars, the year 37 B.C.

Is Bonnie Bernstein married to Dan Bernstein?

No! She is way out of Dan's league. Bonnie Blair is more his speed.

What was Bonnie Blair's childhood like?

her childhood was as she said good but at times her family was strugglingR.I.P Bonnie we miss you... your biggest fan... 0o- im sure skaters now look up to you... ok Bonnie blair is still alive

How old is Blair Brown?

US actress Blair Brown is 70 years old (born Bonnie Blair Brown, April 23, 1947).