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Q: What was a goal of the defense plant corporation?
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What is the goals of a Corporation?

The goal of a corporation is to maximize profits. Furthermore, the goal of a publicly traded corporation is to maximize value for its shareholders.

What position does Anna scarlett play?

Anna Scarlet plays Goal defense, goal keeper and also wing defense.

What are the primary goal of the corporation?

Make Money

What is awarded when an attacker kicks the ball over his opponents goal?

If it does so between the goal posts and under the cross bar, then it's a goal and a kick off for the defense. If it does so elsewhere then it is a goal kick for the defense.

Can You List All The Netball Players In Netball?

GS - Goal Shoot GA - Goal attack WA - Wing attack C - Center WD - Wind defense GD - Goal defense GK - Goal keep

Who is allowed in the shooting circle?

The GK, GD, GS and GA (Goal Keeper, Goal defense, Goal shooter and Goal attack.)

All the positions of netball?

The positions in netball are WA (wing attack),WD(wing defense),GA(goal attack),GD(goal defense),C(center),GS(goal shooter),GK(goal keeper) That's all.

What is the vision mission and goal of San Miguel corporation?


Where is goal defense allowed in netball?

the goal defence is allowed in the goal circle for the opposing team, the goal third for the opposing team and the centre third

Who are the main players in netball?

There are seven players on each team.They are theGoal Shooter (GS)Goal Attack (GA)Wing Attack (WA)Centre (C)Wing Defense (WD)Goal Defense (GD)Goal Keeper (GK)

How do you complete the 'plant shrine' goal in DragonVale?

Breed plant and plant.

How do you achieve your goal?

My goal is how successfully run a power plant.